Wooden floors inside the bathroom: right deal with an aesthetic look!
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Wooden floors inside the bathroom: right deal with an aesthetic look!

A wooden floor creates a cozy atmosphere and is particularly pleasant for the feet. Wood as a natural building material is always in the trend for home decor and interior design. But wood flooring is not only suitable for the living room and bedroom. In recent years, wood flooring in the bathroom is gaining in popularity due to its feel-good atmosphere. In order for the wooden floor to last longer, it needs careful care. That’s why we have some important tips for you on how to properly maintain the wooden floor in the bathroom.

Wood flooring in the bathroom – hip and cozy at the same time cozy wooden floor

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Wood flooring in the bathroom looks really elegant and stylish in every home. The variety of bathroom designs allows the wooden floor to fit any bathroom, be it small or large, ultramodern or vintage.

The wooden floor in the bathroom should be given special attention wood floor creative

wooden floor modern

long lasting wood floor

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Wood flooring in the bathroom has been enjoying particular popularity in interior design for some time. Even in the bathroom, the wooden floor creates a pleasant mood. Of course, there is a need to care for the floor because of the special conditions in the bathroom. Moisture and water can damage the wood. To make sure that does not happen and you enjoy this special floor for a long time, there are some tips to consider when selecting the wood, installation and care.

Tips for effective care of Holfußfußboden wood floor damp

cleaned wood floor

wood floor ventilated

groomed wood floor

First and foremost, moisture-resistant woods with long moisture change times should always be selected for the bath. These include u.a. Overseas timbers such as teak and afzelia, which are suitable for use in the bathroom. Oak or in multi-layer parquets also Swiss pine and larch are also a great way to bathroom floor design. Woods with a high level of basic moisture absorb less new water and are therefore more stable. Oiled and open-pored surfaces have proved their worth in bathroom design because they are easy to clean and can be renovated. In addition, less water penetrates where there are fewer joints. Therefore, it is recommended that small-scale parquets or very large-format, wide planks are avoided. The newly formed joints must be sealed with sealing tapes. In this way, no water can penetrate. Splashing water is no problem for the wooden floor. Larger amounts of water should be avoided or, in the worst case, washed off immediately. Rugs can be quickly placed in front of the shower or bath. Finally, you should not forget the ventilation of the bathroom. If you ventilate the room every day, then the humidity in the bathroom is only slightly higher than in the other living rooms. This leads to a longer life of your wooden floor.


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