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Wonderful concepts for toilet design

Bathroom design is a tricky thing for most people. You need to know what colors to use, what materials, in what style, etc. That’s a little complicated – even if you think you can do it, it’s very likely that you will not do it properly. Some people prefer simple and functional bathrooms, just a room to bath, shower or go to the bathroom.

The elegant bathroom design of the Japanese bathroom


Nothing more, nothing less. Living in a small house or spending little money on decorating or furnishing may mean that people need to settle for a basic bath if they prefer something more fluffy.

Interiors that are taken as a model


However, if you are looking for a bathroom that is both relaxing and elegant, then consider a Japanese bathroom design. These bathrooms are for people who have more money and time to design their bathroom design.

Elegant bathroom


Gorgeous bathroom designs that could easily compete


Elegant bathroomsThe Japanese bathrooms are not only elegant, they also help to relax and recover after a hard day’s work. Although they have very practical features, the most important thing about these bathrooms is that they help you to relax. It’s like having gone for a spa treatment, but still staying in the comfort of your own home.



Imagine being in a bathroom for an hour or so, even if it’s just a weekly treatment, like taking a two-minute shower every other day of the week.

The functionality of a room should be first and only then comes the design

This is especially true for the bathroom area of ​​a house. You want your bathroom not only practical, but also that it is a space for relaxation and tranquility. Important is the use of the surfaces, which are easy to clean and maintain.

15 ideas for small bathroom design

Schoene-baddesign-japan-11 baddesign

Marble, porcelain and granite are popular materials and are often used in the creation of elegant bathrooms. These surfaces not only look clean, they are also easy to clean. While you can save money with the carpet and vinyl in the bathroom, they can also do more work to keep them clean.

Schoene-baddesign-japan-121 baddesign

If you look at luxurious bathing areas, you will notice the use of glass shower doors in front of the fabric shower curtains. This is because the fabric is likely to get dirty while the glass stays clean.

Many bathroom designs use neutral colors and natural elements. The choice of colors is of course very important – shiny black, beige or bright white combined with bamboo or wood provide a classic look. These colors do not necessarily have to be boring.

By simply adding textures or interesting designs, you can liven up the space. A cool color, a carpet or a work of art can also transform a drab space into a living space.

The lights used in the bathroom allow you to add your own flair to the room. There are many types of sinks and bathtub taps that can be used. You can also choose different colors of metal so you can make your room just the way you want it.


Bathroom designs no longer hold the minimalist approach of the past few years. In recent years, homeowners from around the world have raised their consideration for the bathroom to a new level and the importance of the long and relaxing bath at the end of the day has grown. Although many of us would enjoy daily visits to a spa after work all day, it is probably an unattainable goal for most of us.


For this reason, they have focused on designing an oasis in the comfort of their own home. Why not invest in the elements that turn my bathroom into a spa oasis?







Schoene-Elegant-Bathroom-Interiors-baddesign-10 baddesign

Schoene-Elegant-Bathroom-Interiors-baddesign-11 baddesign

Schoene-Elegant-Bathroom-Interiors-baddesign-12 baddesign

Schoene-Elegant-Bathroom-Interiors-baddesign-13 baddesign

Schoene-Elegant-Bathroom-Interiors-baddesign-14 baddesign

Schoene-Elegant-Bathroom-Interiors-baddesign-15 baddesign


beautiful-Gorgeous Bathroom Designs-bathroom design-1-bathroom design

beautiful-Gorgeous Bathroom Designs-bathroom design-2-bathroom design

beautiful-Gorgeous Bathroom Designs-bathroom design-3-bathroom design

beautiful-Gorgeous Bathroom Designs-bathroom design-4-bathroom design

beautiful-Gorgeous Bathroom Designs-bathroom design-5-bathroom design

beautiful-Gorgeous Bathroom Designs-bathroom design-6-bathroom design

beautiful-Gorgeous Bathroom Designs-bathroom design-7-bathroom design

beautiful-Gorgeous Bathroom Designs-bathroom design-8-bathroom design

beautiful-Gorgeous Bathroom Designs-bathroom design-9-bathroom design

beautiful-Gorgeous Bathroom Designs-bathroom design-10-bathroom design

beautiful-Gorgeous Bathroom Designs-bathroom design-11-bathroom design

beautiful-Gorgeous Bathroom Designs-bathroom design-12-bathroom design

beautiful-Gorgeous Bathroom Designs-bathroom design-bathroom design




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