With vintage furnishings, each condominium turns into a reasonably and comfortable piece of artwork
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With vintage furnishings, each condominium turns into a reasonably and comfortable piece of artwork

antique furniture

Hardly anyone can resist the charm of an antique piece of furniture. With their unique elegance they give every room a very special touch. Even if a home is decorated in such a modern way, the combination of antique and modern plays a very special form of furnishing, which is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Antique furniture becomes rare and especially when it comes to truly unique pieces of furniture. Those who restore it themselves and take a little time and leisure, for example, can conjure an absolute gem out of an almost completely dilapidated chair from the 19th century, which immediately captivates every guest and causes admiration and attention.

Antique, or just made on antique?

Antique furniture or just made on antique?

Beautiful and artfully processed antique furniture are a rarity nowadays and hardly to find. The market for antique furniture, whose authenticity can also be proven, is rare and only very few. It is important in the search and also the purchase of such furniture that they are actually antique – at least if you take the matter seriously. It is not uncommon for the divested furniture to look antique, but in reality it is not.

Deceptively genuine replications are often offered as antique and real experts know what matters in the processing of such furniture. Even the presence of wood worms is professionally imitated and the surface texture of this furniture is treated so cleverly with sanding marks and color and glaze that they get a perfect antique touch. Unfortunately, it’s just a touch of antique and not really antique. And that makes the difference. If you have to dig deep into your pocket for a real antique piece of furniture, you should also get a real one.

Old chairs in combination with modern dining tables

Old chairs in combination with modern dining tables

The mixture of old and young is something special. For example, if you have a modern glass table in the dining room, or a relatively modern plastic table in the kitchen, you can easily mix it with antique chairs. The mostly oak chairs consist of a very elaborately processed chair back with mostly turned wood elements. The backrests are quite high, so they protrude far out of sight of the table top. So you are very well seen. The seats of these old chairs are often quite battered. That does not matter. You can also restore it yourself with little effort and skill, remove the old seat cushions and surfaces and obtain and fasten with any fabric. The respective metal rivets for fastening can be found in every hardware store. If the seats are only slightly damaged, you can easily put on matching pillows and thus hide the shabby places and make them disappear. Also a mix of different antique chairs, with different designs is visually an eye-catcher for kitchen and dining room. If you finally put on all seats the same color pillows, creates a disorderly order and symbiosis of the individual elements.

Cabinets with woodworm

Antique furniture cabinets with woodworm

Antique wardrobes often conceal unpleasant roommates who have been in drawers and shelves for many years. Is the Infestation of woodworms not very strong, nothing should be done about it. As long as there are not too many activities that can be seen on small wood chips, it is not absolutely necessary. Decades pass before a single woodworm family destroys a wooden cabinet. If anything, the problem usually happens when relocating. And if all else fails and the infestation is clearly visible and too big, the infestation can be combated with various chemical agents.

Antique furniture in rustik

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