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Wicker hairstyles semi-open – fascinating concepts for imitation

Braids semi-open fancy braid

The summer vacation is already over and we have to go back to the office. That’s not bad news – now you have the opportunity to try out our new proposals for braiding semi-open yourself! They are easy to imitate, and are ideal not only for office life, but also for many other occasions such as a party, a social evening with friends, a wedding and why not the Oktoberfest! In addition, the hairstyles we offer you below are suitable for different hair lengths and look particularly romantic and feminine. We hope that you like our suggestions and hope you enjoy reading!

Wickerwork semi-open – waterfall braid

Wickerwork semi-open waterfall braid

Braided hairstyles long hair waterfall braid

Waterfall hairstyle loose guide

Wickerwork semi-open romantic look

Girl hairstyles waterfall braid

Hair braiding waterfall braid instructions

The waterfall braid is certainly the classic among the half-open braided hairstyles that every woman should try! This hairstyle has a number of advantages – it is suitable for short as well as extremely long hair, looks very playful and romantic, and with a bit of practice, it can be imitated super fast. If you master the French braiding technique, the waterfall braid will be much easier, but that’s not a must. Start by taking three equal strands from the front of the hair. Put the left strand over the middle, and then – the right over the middle one. Repeat again and then take a few hairs from the top, which you should add to the right strand – just like in French lichen. But instead of taking additional hair for the left strand, just let it fall, and take from below a new, equal-sized strand of hair, with which you should continue working now. Continue to braid by taking hair from above each time and let the lower strands hang. Once you have reached the back of the head, pinch the end of the braid firmly and braid the other side of the head the same way. At the end, fix the two pigtails with a small hair tie. Finished!

Wicker hairstyles semi-open – “wrong” hairband hairstyle

Hairband hairstyle braided braids

impressive hairstyle French braid long hair

Hair braids French braid

Hairband hairstyle elegant look

Hairband braided hairstyle wrong

Hairband braided hairstyle wrong

Next we make a so-called “wrong” hairband braid with braids, which is suitable for long and shoulder-length hair. Take a thick strand of hair from the front of your hair, from the bottom, and braid it in the normal way – you can use a hair clip to fix the hair on top so that you do not disturb it when braiding. The end of the finished braid should then be fixed again with a hair clip on the top of the head. Repeat this process on the other side and finally knot the two braids and pin them down. Now you have a “wrong” hair band on top of the head, which looks super sweet. If you have little time to do the hairstyle, we also offer a faster version. You should take a “braided” hair band that matches your hair color, position it at the top of your head, and simply wrap some strands around it. So you get a half-open hairstyle in the same look, as the variant described above.

Wickerwork semi-open – braid French plait

Braids semi open French braid

Braids medium-length hair braided

Braided hairstyles modern braids braided sideways

French braid braided laterally

Braided hair short hair modern look

semi-open and updo instructions

Braids short hair

braids braided sideways short hair

Braids medium-length hair braided

Braided hair long hair

braided hair waterfall hairstyle

Braid plait romantic hairstyles

Braided hairstyling instructions modern ideas

Very interesting half-open braided hairstyles can be created with French braid. For example, if the pony falls in your eyes all the time, you can braid it in French and fix the end of the pigtail with a hairclip – this hairstyle is fast and practical, and looks gorgeous too. You can create a very romantic half-open braiding by combining cord technique and French braiding. Comb your hair well and tighten a center parting. Then take two relatively small strands from the front part of the hair and just put the second over the first one. After that, you should repeat this process, but add a few hairs to the two strands each time – just like the French lichen. If you have already reached the back of the head, just twist the strands without taking any hair and fix the end with a small hair tie. Do the same on the other side of the head. After that, you should take one braid and make a hole with your fingers, gently pulling the other strand. Pin this “connection” so that the hairpins remain invisible, and remove the hair ties that you have used to fix the ends of the braids. And done!

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