Wall panels - a call for a comfy house
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Wall panels – a call for a comfy house

wall panels-the-product-of-alaska-birch

Coziness is one of the most important features of an apartment. How do you create such an atmosphere? Maybe you’re thinking of cuddly pillows, patterned curtains, a colorful rug. Our team will tell you: The wall design plays a big role in this. Walls covered with beautiful panels can create texture and dimension, optically separate one part of the room from the other, or simply add warmth and charm to any room. Make the right choice by choosing ceiling and wall panels that give a sense of home. Basically, the natural wood look helps you to harmoniously design all your living spaces. For example, you reach a rustic interior that looks quite modern, because now country style is trendy.

Create coziness in apartment with wall panels

wall panels-in-living room

What should you consider when choosing a panel concerns?

  1. First, imagine what your decor should look like. We beat Alaska birch decor as a cozy ambience awarding decoration. Although PVC panels are used to make this panel, the look of these north-growing trees brings warmth to their homes. The bright colors are also perfect for your other furniture or decorations.
  2. Second, note the insulation provided by the panels. In the first place, the panel should let no echo and no noise through. Moreover, an important condition for the quality of the wall panels is that it will keep the optimum temperature at home. In any case, you insist that the product be equipped with heat and sound insulation.
  3. Third, evaporations occur not only in the kitchen or in the bathroom, but also in the living room or in the bedroom. For this reason, the panels should be able to tolerate moisture well. Unfortunately, we know this problem – the wall and ceiling paneling is damaged by water. That’s why you only get high-quality products whose longevity is guaranteed.
  4. It is also recommended that the rooms have a uniform design to make you feel at home. So you get panels that can simultaneously cover the ceiling and the walls. Anyway, you definitely want your rooms optically larger appearance. Namely the Alaska birch optic amplifies this effect.
  5. The easy attachment means a lot when it comes to choosing a panel. Contact an online store where you can get all the accessories you need. A free shipping would be additional advantage! Of course you literally follow the manual how wall or ceiling paneling is installed or consulted by professionals.
  6. Finally, you should also choose a product that is considered environmentally friendly. Most wall panels are no longer made of real wood, but of an innovative material – MDF core. In this way, you do not fall trees, but the panels look very natural.

Natural touch in the bedroom

wall panels-the-bedroom

Wall panels suitable for damp rooms

wall panels-in-the-kitchen

As you can see, the PanO’quick panels in Alaska birch decor have all these features. Even their production is awarded by the environmental award “Blue Angel”. This disguise is designed to transform your home into a harmonious oasis. It pays to make your own four walls the best.

PanO’quick panels in the decor Alaska Birch

Bright wall panels as a decoration

wall panels-in-white-color

Put yourself in a harmonious world!

wall panels sofa-and-lamp

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