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Wall Ornament Wooden – inspiring concepts to make your individual

Wall decor wood wine rack

Do you like to make beautiful things and Decorations for the apartment in her spare time? Then you are right here! In this post we show you how to make wall decoration wood yourself, to beautify your own four walls! Not only is it a creative and meaningful way to pass the time, but it also gives you the opportunity to recycle all the old wood left over from your home, rather than simply throwing it away. And working with wood is not as difficult as it may seem to you at first glance – try to copy our ideas yourself to make sure! For this you need – apart from the old pieces of wood and boards, maybe just some wood glue, some screws and acu screwdriver (or maybe nails and hammer). We hope you enjoy our suggestions, and hope you enjoy crafting!

Wanddeko Holz: Make vintage vases yourself

Wall Decoration Wood DIY Vintage Vases

Wall decoration wood great idea with glass vases

Wanddeko wood great vases in vintage look

Wall decor wood decorative vases

Making wall decoration wood yourself gives you the opportunity to unfold your creativity and, so to speak, reuse the old wood remnants – the so-called upcycling. And the best part is that you end up hanging the result on the wall, and for a long time you could be proud of it. With the homemade decorations you would beautify the apartment almost free of charge and make it more comfortable. Just let your imagination run wild, and the result would be unique! You could either follow our instructions, or just draw inspiration from it for your own craft projects. Let’s start with our first idea – for beautiful decorative “vases” that you could hang on the wall in your living room, for example. For this purpose, you can use real vases as well as glass bottles made of juice and even jam jars. You will also need wooden boards of the desired size, hooks and metal clips or special glue for glass and wood. You should simply cut three or four planks of the desired size and attach the vases to it with glue or metal clips. The boards could be sanded in advance and stained with some glaze to make them look even more beautiful. Then they are placed symmetrically on the wall and hung with the help of hoes. Finished! Now fill the vases with fresh flowers to create a beautiful wall decoration!

Wall decor wood: stylish chalkboard

Wall decor wood inspiring ideas with plywood

Wall deco wood great mural geometric

Wall decoration wood ideas and instructions

Wall decoration wood ideas with plywood

Wall decor wood inspiring ideas

Make your own wall decoration wood mural

Wall decoration wood original mural

Our next idea is to design a decorative wooden board yourself. To do this, you’ll need a large, rectangular wooden panel, solid glue, some plywood panels, and wood colors of your choice – pastel pink, light yellow, mint green, sky blue, etc. You should choose triangles (or other geometric shapes depending on your personal preferences) Cut out the plywood and color it on one side. Some great accents you could put with glitter or rhinestones. Do not use more than 2-3 colors to make the result stylish and leave some of the figures undyed. After these dry out completely (preferably overnight), stick them firmly on the wooden board (as shown in the photos or as you like better) and you’re done! Now you can hang the board on the wall with hoes.

Wanddeko make wood yourself – more creative ideas

Wall decoration wood monograms

Wall decoration wood monograms shape instruction

Wall decoration wooden letters monograms with fringes

Wall decor wood DIY nursery honeycomb pattern

Wall decoration wood decorate the bedroom

Wall decor wood murals from wooden discs

Wall decoration wood ideas with wooden boards

Wall decoration make wood wonderful mural itself

You could also use a different kind of plywood make interesting decoration , and original monogram! For example, you could cut out the letters of your name and your spouse’s spouse’s name (this task is a bit more difficult and you might need help with that). The finished letters can be dyed, varnished, decorated with colored pencils or decorated with yarn fringes. Then you should just hang these on the wall, and you’re done! The letters would definitely become an eye-catcher in your living room, hall or kitchen. With old wooden slats, you could also make interesting figures – like the honeycomb pattern in the photo above, and decorate the walls. And wooden slices can even be used to create whole pictures, which can be hung in the living room or bedroom.

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