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Wall Design Dwelling Room – 20 engaging concepts for trendy lounge atmosphere


The living room is the space in which you can relax comfortably at home. The walls are one of the first things that catch the eye when entering the living room. Therefore, the wall design in the living room is an important element in the decor of the living room. A new wall design can completely change the living room. With different combinations of colors and patterns, perhaps a few lighting effects make the living room look amazingly different. Gentle colors can visually distinguish different areas in the room, they also radiate cosiness. With a creatively designed wall, for example, a relaxation zone forms behind the sofa. This can happen through wall paint, pattern wallpaper, various plastering techniques, wall coverings and more, because the possibilities are unlimited and left to your imagination and taste. Dark colors create a good visual separation and change of space and are often used in large living rooms.

Wall design living room – a creative play of colors and patterns

Stylishly decorated with subtle chic in the background

The lighting can also change a room. The number of luminaires should correspond to the size of the room. The basic lighting and the local lighting make the living room usable for various activities, but the accent lighting brings additional cosiness in there.

Other structure – different effect

Illuminated decorative wall with stone cladding

The theme of wall design includes more than just colors and wallpapers. Trendy wall coverings can set very special accents in the living room. Concealed lighting or accenting spots still emphasize the deco element on the wall.

Flowery living room wall

Pictures and wall accessories – new and fast wall design

Chic and made fast - wall stickers

To a beautiful wall design also include pictures, posters, wall tattoo or wall decor elements. With them you could change the living room wall just as well, especially very quickly. A beautiful wall tattoo in black contrasts very well with a simple pastel color, even on a white background – it brings a touch of romance and coziness.

A wall – a garden

A wall - a garden

A vertical garden would also be a fancy idea for wall design in the living room. Here one should also think of the lighting, because this artwork also needs lighting effects – on the one hand because the plants need the light and on the other hand to highlight the living wall. After all, anyone can come up with a different wall design and it can be incomparable if it matches their own taste.

Decorative wood panels with background lighting are a real eye-catcher

Wall lighting with wood panels

Stylish living room with interesting wall design

Wall tattoo – simplest wall design

less is more

Creative wall design for living room in rock style

Chic atmosphere in beige

Unusual living room wall design

Fineness in purple

Abstract art for the living room

Noble elements for a smart living room wall design

Stylish living room with mirror wall

The Hammer - Wall design with relief elements

Absolutely stylish and unusual

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