Unlock Your Soul: 25 Concepts for Tattoo Keys
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Unlock Your Soul: 25 Concepts for Tattoo Keys

People who choose tattoo keys want to give the key to their heart. Keys and Locks Tattoos are actually very mysterious in their meaning. When someone looks at your body art, it will surely ask what is so valuable that it is closed with a key. The tattoo can represent your freedom or your love. The tattooing key has a personal meaning that depends on the character of the wearer and his desires and dreams. The key tattoos can be depicted in a variety of designs. It can be a single key or a lock, or the two together. We have chosen the best tattoos for you and you can get to know their meaning.

Tattoo key to the heart as an expression of love

Tattoo key lock couple

These key tattoos usually stand for unforgettable moments and love in your life. A key in the shape of a heart can portray the love of someone who can unlock your heart. A unique idea is a pair of tattoo keys. That may mean, “Till death do us part.” You can tattoo a lock and your partner a key so that you are bound together for eternity. Besides these tattoos, you can also eternal the name of the fiance on your body.

Some tattoo love, the others a skeleton

Tattoo key skeleton

As we said before, the meaning of the key varies according to your feelings. Also very popular are the tattoos with key in the form of a skeleton. This can be a symbol of life or death. By tattooing such a key, you want to send a secret message to which you only know the answer. These key tattoos are extremely artistic and modern. If you appreciate metal art, you can combine the tattoo with metal art.

Bring color in your tattoo key

Tattoo key multicolored

It is recommended to choose a multicolored design, but only if the tattoo is big. But if you want to tattoo the key metallically and realistically, choose smaller design and no colors. The women sometimes also choose a golden key, which can be a symbol of a secret. Make the decision whether you want to tattoo a new and shiny castle or an old and rusty castle. Supplements like flowers and birds bring quality of design and even more personal meaning.

An interesting design that shows your inner freedom

Tattoo key men

Tattoo key art

Tattoo key design

Tattoo key hand

Tattoo key women

Tattoo key colors

Tattoo key on hand

Tattoo key women

Tattoo key women's back

Tattoo key gold

Tattoo key hands

Tattoo key men hand

Tattoo key ideas

Tattoo key for women

Tattoo key couple

Tattoo key men

Tattoo key multicolored

Tattoo key love

Tattoo key colored

Tattoo key hands

Tattoo key with rose

Tattoo key word

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