Uncover the well-being with the precise Feng Shui colours
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Uncover the well-being with the precise Feng Shui colours

After Feng Shui, the colors in the home affect our energy, mood and psyche. So that harmony prevails in your home, discover our feel-good recipes for the right Feng Shui colors on your home.

The color tones and combinations unfold different effects.

feng shui colors bagua map

The color tones and combinations unfold different effects

The five elements

The Feng Shui colors are assigned to five elements: water, wood, earth, metal. There are also two so-called energies – Yin (passive and dark) and Yan (active and bright). In the apartment both energies must be present.

Choose white as the base color in most rooms, which also fits every room design. Maybe that’s the reason that Feng Shui stands for neutrality. White is assigned to the Yang principle and the element Metal. In Feng Shui, this color stands for purity and is associated with wisdom. But avoid too much white on your walls as the paint looks cold.

The black and white combination goes very well with the modern apartments. It also promotes the balance of yin and yang energy. But black is a symbol of the career and career area. If you are a career-oriented person, you can also red in the study or in the Bagua Career section. Reds present strength and activity in Feng Shui. But if you are a hyperactive person, avoid this color, it has a negative effect, and strength turns into aggression.

The stronger the color, the less you need for the desired effect.

feng shui elements

The stronger the color, the less you need for the desired effect

There are also Feng Shui colors that are whimsical. A yellow or pink wall brightens your mood. Yellow, according to Feng Shui teachings, is the color of the earth that gives power. You can also use yellow in dark rooms. Almost every family spends most of their time in the living or dining room. The right color for these rooms are all yellow tones and orange, as they symbolize life force.

Green is a symbol of life, harmony and health: The wall color green in combination with reds stands for growth and is highly recommended for the nursery. Purple, beige and brown go very well in bedrooms. These colors ensure a restful night’s sleep.

With the color blue it is achieved that small rooms appear larger. Blue calms and creates a harmonious atmosphere. The combination of blue and red is not recommended for Feng Shui colors.

Also at the Decoration is played by Feng Shui Colors a big role.

feng shui colors deco

For decorative accents in your home you use the colors gold and silver. These metallic colors symbolize wealth and happiness. If you have little or no plants in the apartment, you can choose a green decoration.

Feng Shui colors decoration

feng shui colors study

feng shui colors in study

feng shui colors living room

feng shui color bedroom

feng shui colors dinning room

children's room in red and green

feng shui colors children's room

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