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Trendy stairs – what does the right design appear like?

Modern stairs

A staircase today is not just the way to the next floor. Thanks to the open architecture, the stairs appear as an important part of the design of the apartment and increasingly fascinate with a simple elegant design and playful lightness. Modern stairs have a special charm that transforms them into a soothing place of first impressions. So that you create this appearance and connect the floors harmoniously and stylishly, we will tell you the secret of what the perfect design of the staircase looks like. Whether modern Prefabricated stairs online buy or build rustic wooden staircase – with great attention to detail and our valuable tips, your stairs will make you happy. There is no lift towards happiness, you have to take the stairs!

Sculpting modern stairs – stair styles and their design

Sculpting modern stairs - stair styles and their design

Made of fine wood, minimalist, transformed or fabulous – there are no limits to creativity when designing staircases. The starting point is the staircase construction. It first stands out in the eye and creates a harmonious overall picture of the different projectiles. Which form of staircase shapes the aesthetics in your home, depends on various factors – the size and style of your house, the location of the stairs, etc. So that you orientate yourself to the staircase shapes, we have put together for you the most popular variants:

Modern stairs spiral staircases

  • prefabricated stair – Prefabricated stairs are the easiest way to get low on modern stairs. Prefabricated staircases have many advantages over conventional concrete staircases – in addition to price and individual design due to modular construction, the stairs made are also immediately loadable. Prefabricated stairs are available in almost all forms – from spiral staircases through spiral staircases to straight staircases.
  • spiral staircases – the epitome of modern design. The spiral staircases are perfect for confined spaces and thanks to the hard materials such as wood and metal, they are very stable and lifelong. If you Buy spiral staircases Give your home a touch of elegance and industrial style.
  • Spiral staircases – A variation of the spiral staircase, but with a compact design – the steps of the spiral staircase wind around a center column.
  • Classic straightforwardness – straight and up – a simple design of standard staircases bursting with elegance and fascinating with classic design. Straight stairs are the best choice if you need a lot of storage space. Here is a delightful example that there is always enough space under the stairs!

Modern stairs ideas

Another room under the stairs!

Modern stairs - Another room under the stairs!

The area that surrounds the stairs can be used not only as a storage space, but also for furniture and why not for a brand new room. A popular example – a small study under the stairs. If you have no room for a whole workroom, a couch as a reading table is in the right place. The installation of the empty space under the stairs as a dressing room will provide you with plenty of storage space for clothes. Whether designed as a home office, relaxation area or storage space, the staircase not only plays the role of a functional furnishing item but should receive the same attention as any individual room. To help you manage your staircase in a place of coziness, decorations and home accessories, especially wall decoration, help.

Color and wallpaper give the staircase an individual touch

Color and wallpaper give the staircase an individual touch

With a photo wall and pictures attracts a cozy atmosphere!

Staircase decoration photo wall design

The crowning glory is the decoration! Decorate your staircase with attention to detail, giving you the feeling of a cozy oasis. We hope that with the help of our valuable ideas, you will be able to design a staircase that leads directly to the sky!

Modern stairs ideas

Staircase decoration - storage space under the stairs

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