Trendy Males's Hairstyles 2018 - Concepts for brief and medium-length hair
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Trendy Males’s Hairstyles 2018 – Concepts for brief and medium-length hair

Men's hairstyles 2018 side vertex

The stylish and elegant outfit today plays a significant role not only for the ladies – it is also important to men. It is about the modern clothes, but also about the hairstyle that should complement the look in a fitting way. In this post we offer you an overview of the trendy men’s hairstyles 2018 for short and medium-length hair, which have not lost their topicality today. We hope that you enjoy the ideas presented here and that you decide to try something new and different. Enjoy reading!

Modern Men’s Hairstyles 2018 – Tendencies and Stylingvarianten

Men's Hairstyles 2014 Crew Haircut

modern men's hairstyles 2014 short hair crew hairstyle

Men's hairstyles 2014 short hair side parting

elegant fade hairstyle mens short hair

Stylish medium-long men's hairstyle styled to the rear

Trendy men's hairstyles 2014 medium hair disheveled

Of course, every man has his own style and taste and you should not blindly follow the latest trends. The most up-to-date men’s hairstyles 2018 we’ve collected in this article, but offer a variety of styling options, and maybe you will find a neat haircut that you are very good. The hairstyles for short and medium-length hair also have the important advantage that they do not need special care to look good. Do you feel like experimenting? If the answer is “yes,” check out the photos in our gallery for some inspiration.

Short hairstyle with side parting

Hairstyle with side crest short hairstyles men 2014

elegant short hairstyle with side parting Men's Trends 2014

Men's hairstyles 2014 Trends Seitenscheitel

trendy men's hairstyles 2014 elegant short haircut with side parting

Men's hairstyles 2014 side vertex

Men's Hairstyles 2014 Short Haircut Side Parting Extravagant Look

Men's hairstyles 2014 Kurzhaarfrisur Seitenscheitel

elegant men's hairstyle with side parting

You’ll see that the trendy men’s hairstyles for 2018 are really elegant for short hair. Let’s start with the classic haircut with side vertex. This hairstyle is also suitable for longer hair, but the short version is popular with many men today, because it looks stylish and is particularly easy to care for. The side-parted hairstyle is actually challenging, as it is designed to fit the head shape perfectly to stand well. In this type of haircut, the hair in the contour, in the neck and around the ears are shaved briefly, while these are left at the top about 5 cm long. After that, the vertex is pulled.

“Fade” hairstyle

Fade hairstyle mens modern look

trendy men's hairstyles 2014 fade short haircut

Fade hairstyle

classic fade hairstyle men's hairstyles 2014

Fade hairstyle classic men's hairstyles 2014

Fade short haircut trendy men's hairstyles 2014

Another haircut that has great obesity among footballers and other celebrities is the so-called “fade” hairstyle. It is also one of the most modern men’s hairstyles in 2018 and impresses with its attractiveness. In the “fade” hairstyle, the hairs on the sides of the head are shaved to the skin, and those on the top of the head are left much longer. It can be styled with paint, hair spray and other care products, the hairstyle in the desired manner.

Military hairstyle

Crew hairstyle short hair mens 2014

Crew hairstyle mens classic look

classic crew hairstyle

Men's Hairstyles 2014 Crew Hairstyle

Crwe hairstyle short hair men's hairstyles 2014

Men's hairstyles 2014

Another variant that is particularly suitable for men with round faces is the well-known military hairstyle, also known as “Crew Cut”. This type of haircut is just perfect for the summer as the hair on the back and sides of the head are shaved very short. Only at the top of the head are they left 2-3 cm longer. This short hairstyle is also really handy because it needs almost no grooming.

Tousled hair

Men's hairstyles 2014 medium long ruffled hair natural look

Men's hairstyles 2014 ruffled hair medium long

Men's hairstyles 2014 medium length hair ruffled extravagant look

ruffled medium long hair men's hairstyles 2014

medium length hair ruffled look men's hairstyles 2014

medium long men's hairstyles 2014 ruffled hair

And what are the trendy men’s hairstyles 2014 for medium-long hair? These include, for example, the ruffled hairstyle of medium length, which impresses with its natural look. With this type of haircut you can do without styling products – because of the effect that is sought in this case. The medium long ruffled hairstyle is perhaps the ideal option for you if you have naturally curly hair – then it looks even more beautiful!

Medium long hair, combed back

trendy men's hairstyles 2014 medium length

backwards styled hair medium long men's hairstyles 2014

Men's Hairstyles 2014 Gelfrisur medium-long hair

medium long men's hairstyles 2014 Gelfrisur

trendy men's hairstyles 2014 medium length

trendy men's hairstyles 2014 styled backwards for a long time

Men's hairstyles 2014 medium length hair, styled to the back

The medium-length man’s hairstyle, with the hair combed back, radiates timeless elegance, and therefore it is worth to try this variant. It was one of the most modern men’s hairstyles for 2018, but it has not lost its popularity until today – especially among the men who want to look stylish. So that the hairstyle can last all day, style your hair back with gel or wax. It is very important that you use a care product that is suitable for your hair type. And to make the hairstyle look even more original, you can style your hair while you’re still wet.

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