Traits in rest room lighting
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Traits in rest room lighting

The current trend in bathroom lighting is to set up larger, sunnier bathrooms with artificial lighting. A single, small lamp from the middle of the ceiling is not enough by today’s standards. Alternative sources of general lighting include recessed ceiling lights or indirect lighting placed on the ceiling or on the walls. In addition to good general lighting, appropriate workplace luminaires are a must.

Modern bathroom lighting

luxury bathroom lighting in the interior

How the bathroom lighting is selected and placed depends on the size and layout of your bathroom. It also depends on the color scheme of the room – the bright colors reflect and amplify the light effects, while dark colors absorb and conquer the light.

Luxury in the bathroom lighting

Two luxurious chandeliers in the bathroom

The lighting of a mirror

Small or large, a bath typically acts as a nursing center. For this reason, the area in front of the mirror should be evenly lit and free of shadows.
Insight into the bathroom lighting
If you are planning a lighting design for your bathroom, follow these guidelines to ensure adequate bathroom lighting.
The light sources must be placed so that the light emanates from above and below on both sides of the mirror. This technique, called cross-lighting, effectively eliminates all shadows. If you only have the light from above, it hits your eyebrows, causing shadows under your eyes, which is not an encouraging sight every morning.
When fluorescent tubes are selected to illuminate a mirror, the light coming from the standard fluorescent tubes is cold and therefore acceptable for an office or shop lighting, but not for make-up application. Use a 24-inch, 20-watt tube on each side of the mirror and mount two 24-inch, 20-watt tubes above the mirror or a 32-watt circle tube to the ceiling and then you have adequate Lighting to this room.
When the devices are selected, corresponding bulbs are the only option to allow the placement of pendant lights on each side of the mirror. Such lights must each contain two 60-watt or 75-watt bulbs. If the ceiling light is round, it must be at least 12 inches in diameter and contain a light bulb or bulbs totaling 100 to 120 watts.
Larger mirrors that are 36 inches or more in width may require a different approach. If standard guidelines are followed, the center of the mirror may appear a bit dark. To avoid this, more powerful headlamps must be selected to ensure complete coverage across the width of the mirror. Another effective option is to have a double row of recessed ceiling lights above the mirror.
Additionally, small powder rooms usually require enough light above the mirror and a ceiling light directed towards the front edge of the mirror.

Bathroom lighting for modern design

LED starlight in the bathroom
Lighting for bathtubs and showers
In a closed shower or bath tub area, closed, vapor-tight luminaires are preferred. Be careful when positioning them when you do not want direct light when you are in the bathtub. A lamp with infrared radiation, which is mounted just outside the tub or shower, helps to avoid the rapid cooling of the water. All switches must be at least 6 meters from the tub and shower.
The right light
Most experts recommend using bulbs in the bathroom that mimic natural light. But incandescent lamps also produce a lot of heat, which is often undesirable. Compact fluorescent lamps are a good alternative. They require much less power per lumen (a measurement of light intensity) and the tubes provide a warm, pleasing color spectrum.
The fluorescent lamps usually work without a dimmer. This allows you to adjust the light according to your needs and moods. Dimmers make the nightly visits to the toilet more bearable because the light can be turned down. Be sure to install a switch in front of each door so that no one crosses the bathroom in the dark.

For a better idea of ​​the modern trends in bathroom lighting, look at the following photos:

beautiful modern bathroom

modern designer bathroom lighting

Delicate modern lighting in the bathroom

LED lighting in the bathroom

unobtrusive ladlampen in the bathroom

elegant stylish bathroom lamps

modern deck lighting

modern bathroom lighting in front of the mirror

modern indirect bathroom lighting

beautiful modene bathroom lighting in front of the blue wall

classic pendant lights

modern bathroom lighting in the hotel

Several designer light sources in the bathroom

minimalist indirect bathroom lighting

modern bathroom lighting in the marble bathroom

great led bathroom lighting

great ceiling lighting in the bathroom

Ceiling lighting in the modern bathroom interior

Modern ball light in the bathroom

interesting idea for bathroom lighting

fascinating bathroom lighting m purple bathroom

indirect bathroom lighting and open ceiling

simple indirect lighting in the bathroom

modern fantastic lighting in the bathroom

LED bathroom lighting in the modern house

beautiful chandelier in the bathroom

designer effective bathroom lighting

modern effective ceiling lighting

modern ultratolle bathroom lighting

great hanging lamp in the bathroom

Modern floor lamp in the bathroom

LED lighting in the modern bathroom

two beautiful types of bathroom lighting

ultra modern lighting for the ceiling

modern led lighting on the mirror

three orerne lamps on the natural wall

great bathroom lighting after feng shui

romantic starlight lighting

beautiful wall lights in the bathroom

modern bathroom lighting on the mirror

stylish pendant light in the bathroom

well-lit mirror in the bathroom

small leather stars in the bathroom lighting

modern indirect led bathroom lighting

eye-catching decrative bathroom lighting

wall sconces on the ceiling in the bathroom

beautiful sconces in the bathroom

led bathroom lighting on the ceiling

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