Tinker Easter presents: 25 artistic concepts to your favourite individuals
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Tinker Easter presents: 25 artistic concepts to your favourite individuals

Easter presents make vases

Easter is coming in less than two months and maybe you want to surprise your favorite people for the party? If so, you are right here! In this article, we’ll show you how to quickly and easily make your own little Easter gifts – for your friends, spouse or children. Below are 25 creative ideas that you could duplicate or use as a source of inspiration. We hope you enjoy our suggestions! Have fun crafting and a beautiful Easter!

Personal gifts make Easter

Easter presents are made from fabric

Easter presents tinker DIY ideas

Easter presents make felt figures

Easter presents tinker candlestick eggshells

Easter presents are made from paper

Easter presents are made from modeling clay

Easter presents make jam jar with marshmallows

Preparations for Easter are most often associated with decorating the home and, of course, egg coloring. But it is also worthwhile to think of our favorite people – a homemade gift for the festival will definitely warm their hearts. Of course, the children are the biggest fans of the surprises and would be delighted with all their hearts. For this reason, we show you how you can make original Easter gifts yourself. Our 25 ideas are easy to duplicate, do not take up much time, and you only need low-cost materials such as paper, egg cartons, scraps, crayons and glue – but the gift is personal and unique. Take a look at the photos and let yourself be inspired!

Easter presents are making for children

Easter presents are making bunny out of a towel

Easter presents tinker rabbit fold cloth

Easter presents are made by cute rabbits

Easter presents are making bunny ears biscuits

Easter presents make Easter biscuits

Easter presents are tinkering and packaging sweets

Easter presents are made of construction paper

Easter presents are making children

Tinker and pack Easter presents

Make Easter gifts and bake cake

Easter presents make original ideas

Tinker Easter presents is not a difficult task – the most important thing is actually your own imagination and creativity! You can, for example, yogurt cups in funny Easter bunny you only need a few loose eyes, felt and glue. After decorating the cups (as shown in the photo above), you could fill them with sweets and you’re done – they have a perfect Easter gift for kids! If you can sew, it’s also a good idea to make Easter Bunny out of old socks – you just need a little cotton to fill, big buttons for the eyes, and maybe some felt for the ears. So you get a wonderful toy for toddlers. And when it comes to the rabbit ears – you could also bake biscuits in the shape of your ears, decorate them with glaze and spit on stalks. The delicious ears can be gifted in a bag with rabbit’s face. The small fabric bags with rabbit ears, filled with candy, are also a good choice if you are looking for a suitable Easter present for the little ones. And last but not least, you could fill the sweets in a jam jar, or make an original bag of construction paper – you will find many different templates on the net.

Tinker Easter presents – creative ideas for friends and colleagues

Easter presents tinkle clay pot

Easter presents tinker friends colleagues

Easter presents tinker with Easter basket

Easter presents craft pillows

Easter presents tinker greeting card

Easter presents tinker collage picture

Your friends or colleagues have invited you to an Easter party? Surprise the hosts by giving them a clay pot instead of a traditional Easter basket, which they have decorated as they please. For example, you could use the decoupage technique – the cheerful Easter napkins with colorful eggs, chicks and bunnies are just perfect for that. On the finished clay pot you could write a request, and fill the pot even with sweets, eggs, and why not with seed bags and a few garden gloves? In the same way, you could also make a stylish vase yourself, for example by decorating a bottle or jam jar. Paint on it a chick or rabbit’s face, fill it with fresh flowers, and you’re done! It is just as easy to create special Easter pillows yourself – you could either schneken, as well as decorate your own home. Cut out a rabbit silhouette made of felt, and sew the figure simply to the cushion cover – the result looks super stylish! Another original idea is to turn colorful egg shells into original candle holders. For this purpose you should peel the colored eggs very carefully, so that the lower half of the shell remains completely. These should fill you with some candle wax. Now you just need a wick – made of thread, dipped in methylated spirits, and you’re done!

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