Tinker creation calendar your self - craft concepts and directions for shock day by day
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Tinker creation calendar your self – craft concepts and directions for shock day by day

Make advent calendars yourself - joy of children for every day

Advent calendars are available everywhere, but it is somehow more personal if you make it yourself. Especially if the children are making an advent calendar themselves. It is a very amusing occupation for them and the self-made advent calendar brings not only a lot of joy every day but also pride. You do not need to have a great talent for crafting. Just take a look at some ideas and buy the necessary crafts. If you can sew, you can also sew your advent calendar or individual items. Some children are very creative and love to build, paint and craft. Since there are enough sweets in the Advent season anyway, you can score with the children with toys and small surprises. Of course, something sweet is always desired in between.

Make advent calendars yourself – a joy every day

Make advent calendar yourself

The secret of a good Advent calendar is that it has to be done with love. The attention to detail further refines the whole story. The individual elements to individually pack and decorate gives even the simplest Advent calendar something very special. Who does not smile when unpacking presents? This is especially true for the children. You can hardly wait to wake up and unwrap your surprise for the day. Whether candy, small car or hair elastic, everything is surprising and makes for a good start to the day.

Making advent calendars – a creative activity for children

Make advent calendars - for a joy every day

For this advent calendar you need some materials that every home has, namely:

  • 24 toilet paper rolls
  • Crepe paper in different colors
  • a piece of cardboard
  • thread
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • adhesive labels
  • Bow for decorating
  • Hot glue gun

And that’s the way it is, very simple. Now you arrange the rolls close together in a circle and draw two circles on the cardboard, the distance between them corresponds to the width of a roll. Now a child can cut a wreath out of the cardboard. The wreath can be painted, covered with paper or wrapped with a wide ribbon or bow. The easiest way is to cut a wide strip of paper and wrap it around the wreath. It is better if you fill in the little surprises to the advent calendar before, individually packed or at least wrapped in paper, and already put into the roles, so that the children can not see them. Cut about 20 cm wide strips of crepe paper in different colors and wrap the toilet paper rolls like candies. Both ends of each candy are tied with thread. This process is repeated until the 24 colorful candies have emerged. These are attached with the hot glue gun in a circle on the cardboard ring. From the adhesive labels, circles or other shapes can be cut out and labeled with 1 to 24. The individual candies in turn clockwise. Finally, a pair of loops can be glued as a decoration and the Advent calendar is ready.

Tinker advent calendar – small gifts to attach

Advent calendar ideas with toilet paper rolls

Advent calendar from toilet paper rolls

This is also a great idea for homemade Advent calendar. Also needed are 24 pieces of toilet paper roll, colorful wrapping paper and various loops or natural rope. The rolls are folded into small gift packages on both sides. The small packages can then be hung with natural rope in different lengths.

Creative advent calendar idea

Make advent calendars yourself Instructions and template for cutting

This is a nice idea for advent calendars with instructions. It is also the template to cut out. With colorful paper and a little patience you get a wonderful Advent calendar, like a fairy lights.

Tinker advent calendar yourself – Muffinform can do more!

Advendtskalender Ideas - Muffinform

Muffin mold can do more than just use it to bake muffins. For a muffin-shaped advent calendar, you would only have to make 24 different lids for the muffin nests.

Advent calendar for adults

Advent calendar for adults

An idea for adults would be the beer advent calendar. Different types of beer for every evening, to enjoy comfortably, is certainly not a bad idea.

Advent calendars make from old wooden slats

Making advent calendars is not that difficult

If you still have old wooden slats somewhere, you can make a Christmas tree yourself and use it as an advent calendar. It is difficult to do that under any circumstances, but looks very unusual when the Christmas tree is decorated.

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