The sensible guide for tie knots
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The sensible guide for tie knots

The elegant tie knots attract everyone's attention.

More than 60% of the workers are employed in a company where there is obligatory dress code. When you meet the uniform for the first time, this meeting can be a bit stressful. Each person has an individual style that is a mirror of the soul. You can show your individual creativity despite the dress code. How can you do that? Wear your tie in style! The elegant tie knots attract all eyes. In our manual we have put together some instructions for the most famous and difficult tie knots.

Tie knots for every occasion

Tie knots for every occasion

You can not be sure when and on what occasion you should wear a tie. Therefore, it would be better if you prepare yourself. Reminds you that the right tie knots are yours outfit spice. It is very important to know which tie knots suit which occasion to show the professional appearance. There is a wide choice of knot techniques. In the following we reveal the secret behind the elegant knots, which are also suitable for beginners. So after some exercises at home you will shine through your tie knot.

The “four-in-hand” knot for ties

How do I tie a tie with four in hand knots?

When you put on the “four-in-hand” knot, your look says, “Elegant with attitude.” This tie knot is especially popular among the men who are fans of the classic. We are the first to introduce this knot, because it is not just for beginners, but for every occasion. Although the “four-in-hand” knot is called the simplest tie knot, it enhances your personal impression. He is so popular because the knot looks asymmetrical. The right tie for this knot would be wide and made of narrow fabric. On the infographic you can see the steps for tying tie.

The “Half Windsor” knot

How do I tie a tie with Half Windsor knots?

The “Half Windsor” looks more elegant and formal than the “Four-in-hand” because it has a symmetrical triangular shape. Known everywhere, this knot is the first choice of any man who has a variety of engagements in the business world, where wearing formal clothing is a must. This tie knot is particularly suitable for men with larger faces, because it makes the neck appear longer. In order for the knot to spice up your outfit, choose a suit with cut-away collar. The right tie for this knot would be medium in length and made of narrow material. The best combination is a narrow tie with a “Half Windsor” knot and slim shirt collar. To your relief, we provide a guide with photos.

The “Windsor” knot

How do I tie a tie with Windsor knots?

The “Windsor” knot adds the finishing touch to your official outfit. This knot is known everywhere as the Double Windsor. To tie this knot you need a certain length of tie. It would be better to bet on this Windsor knot if you are under 1.80 meters high. The Windsor knot is the face of timeless fashion for tie knots among men. Double Windsor Knot is a representative of business style. He needs more and more farther collar ends to look spectacular. Take a good look at our detailed guide to tie the perfect double Windsor knot without female help.

The “Trinity” knot

How do I tie a tie with Trinity knots?

At the end we present the unique tie knot – the “Trinity” knot. The name comes from the English word for Trinity. It’s a bit harder to tie than the stitched tie pattern for beginners. Despite the difficulty of binding, the knot gives your outfit a breathtaking look. This individual knot looks symmetrical and voluminous. The knot needs more and more fabric than other tie knots. It goes well with either the collar ends, which stand further apart, or a button-down collar to attract attention with its uniqueness.

How do I tie a tie?

18 tie knots to imitate

Whether you are a fan of ties after reading this article, you will fall in love with the ties. Do not miss the chance to keep your eyes open!

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