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The right bed room design

Bed, two bedside tables – it does not sound like much. You need to set up your bedroom design and the entire interior so you can sleep well here, but it’s not that easy. Do you know where to put the bed? And which color to choose? Follow our 10 tips for perfect bedroom design:

1 bed and doors

A bed does not have to be near the window because it can blow at night, and you will hardly open and close it. But do you know about the door in the bedroom? Many think that the bed must be directly opposite the door. If you plan to tackle this situation, try sleeping a rough draft first. In the empty bedroom, simply move your mattress or blanket here and there and see if it bothers you to look at the doors.

Bedroom design and bed in the middle of the room

very minimalist bedroom design

  1. Light or darkness?

You wonder if the bedroom is more likely to be set up in bright colors, or are you opting for darker nuances that induce a sense of darkness? For the quality of sleep, it does not matter if you choose the right curtains or blinds. In a darker interior, you can choose blackout curtains that at least slightly diminish the light in a bright room. In bright bedrooms, choose thicker curtains or blinds that will create darkness for you to sleep better.

Bright bedroom design with dark accents

bedroom design in black nuances

  1. Which colors to choose?

Again, a less important role is not the choice of the individual, but the professional opinion of the expert. In general, darker tones – the different shades of brown, claret, olive, and so on – evoke a sense of security and are easier to fall asleep. The significant pastel colors like yellow, orange, green will help you if you do not wake up easily in the morning.

Beautiful pastel colors in the bedroom design

pastels bedroom design

  1. bedroom closet

It’s ideal if you have a separate dressing room and you do not put your clothes on over the bedroom furniture, and where dust collects that certainly will not improve the conditions for a good night’s sleep. If you can only dream of a separate dressing room, invest in a walk-in closet rather than the traditional wardrobes. This gives you plenty of storage space and still provides satisfactory conditions for a good night’s sleep.

  1. Why choose a cabinet with drawers?

Book and glasses, handkerchiefs, hand cream, sleeping pills … the list of things a person needs to go to sleep is relatively long. When they are spread around the bed, it just does not look nice. Then buy nightstands with enough drawers, where everything fits! Miniature bedside tables are impractical.

  1. The carpet is part of the bedroom design too!

The wood and laminate floors are indeed convenient for quick cleaning, but if you walk barefoot in the morning, you will not enjoy much. At least put a soft rug in front of your bed. If you choose it, the material and size must be selected correctly to get a feeling of warmth in the morning.

  1. Working in the bedroom? No!

The bedroom is a place of rest where you have to forget your work at all, so the office or the computer does not belong to it! Then definitely do not put your desk next to the bed! If you have no other option, you can separate your workplace at home either with cupboards or with curtains from your bed. But do you really have that much free space? If not, choose a folding table!

  1. Do not forget the accessories

Although you do not often show your guests the bedroom, supplements and nice things are also included. Pictures, vases, holiday memories, gifts from your children create a pleasant atmosphere. Of course, it is also here not to overload the interior. Arrange them into groups (three are quite sufficient), either matching their colors or material.

Now enjoy some nice examples of matching bedroom design:

bedroom design and brick wall

original bedroom design

zen bedroom design and yellow accents

dark colors in the bedroom

modern bedroom design with white cupboards

white color in the bedroom design

bedroom design with purple colors

Gray carpet in the bedroom

stool in front of the bed and armchair

black accent in the bedroom

modern dark bedroom

large gray carpet under dark bed

cool lighting in the bedroom

huge bed headboard

rustic bedroom design with plants

bedroom with round bed in white

small bedroom with round carpet

small pendelleichten in the bedroom

designer colorful bedroom design

plain neutral colors in the bedroom

extremely modern closet in the bedroom

normal sonninge bedroom

modern fireplace in the bedroom

white bedroom design with white bed

beautiful gray nuances in the bedroom

purple bedroom design with brown bed

fireplace in the bedroom design

bali style bedroom design

Hanging lamps in the bedroom and large bed

beautiful curtains in the bedroom

modern bedroom design with gray carpet

bedroom and living room in pastel colors

Combination of curtains and blinds in the bedroom

tv in the bedroom and yellow armchair

Stone wall in the bedroom design

beautiful colorful accents in the bedroom

bedroom in pink color

interesting color scheme in the bedroom

beautiful wall shelf in the bedroom

elegant chandelier in the bedroom

white bed in the bedroom with red accent

Delicate cream color in the bedroom

orange accents and original lighting in the bedroom

small bedroom with yellow accents

Bamboo in the bedroom design

colorful accents in the bedroom design

extremely fashionable bedroom design

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