The proper wedding ceremony present: craft DIY coupon
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The proper wedding ceremony present: craft DIY coupon

Make a coupon

For the bride and groom, the wedding is the most beautiful day of life. Who is invited to the most romantic party, would like to contribute to their happiness and sweeten the day. The closer you are to the bridal couple, the greater the desire to give something unique and personal. We did a research for you and found that the best gifts from the newlyweds are money and vouchers. A voucher for holidays in a beautiful place can be very enjoyable. This is a wedding present that leaves great memories, even if at first glance it may only seem like a piece of paper. With a unique packaging and beautiful design you can make the perfect wedding gift in the form of a voucher. Let yourself be inspired by our creative ideas!

Coupon Ideas: What memories can bring the wedding gift?

Original wedding gift - Make cinema voucher or pack concert tickets

  • “Date Night” coupon – romantic dinners in a nice restaurant; Cinema, concert with favorite group, etc.
  • Holiday in a beautiful place
  • Extreme coupons for the bride and groom
  • Massages for the bride and groom together
  • Funny coupon ideas, such as a free ice cream 🙂 of course you can combine this idea with money gift:

Funny ideas for wedding gift - tinker ice cream coupon

… or a lottery ticket:

Make a coupon - lottery ticket as a wedding present

All this you can prepare in a stunning packaging and tinker a voucher, which will remember the bride and groom forever. On the picture above you can see a beautiful vintage packaging that fits perfectly with a rustic wedding. Find many more creative ideas by scrolling down!

Packaging: DIY techniques and ideas on how to make your own voucher

Wedding Gift - Voucher Pack

Regardless of whether gift of money or voucher, the packaging makes the first impression and especially when it comes to wedding should be suitable and great. For wedding gifts you can be more creative: a voucher in a homemade box in unique shapes, such as the wedding cake, a vintage envelope with a photo of the newlyweds, decorated with jute ribbon or a world map with travel voucher. The possibilities are manifold and are limited only by your imagination! Numerous ideas can be found in our picture gallery!

Make a gift coupon as a creative wedding gift

Make coupons yourself as a gift for groom

Make coupons yourself as a gift for groom

DIY wedding gift - coupon packaging

Cinema voucher tinker as a wedding gift

Make creative ideas for vouchers yourself

Create original coupons yourself

Coupon ideas for vintage wedding

Make a wedding card - make a voucher yourself

Pack original ideas for vouchers

Coupon ideas for wedding gift

Voucher template for bridal gift

Pack creative ideas for coupons

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