The proper present: stitching patchwork blanket
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The proper present: stitching patchwork blanket

You are invited to a baby shower and want to bring the perfect gift? Or you are simply looking for a unique decoration for your sofa or bed? There is only one solution – sew a patchwork blanket! This is an art that brings great individuality and great personal touch. And that’s not all. It is also a lot of fun and prepares to experiment with multicolored fabric squares. There are no rules here, only the imagination counts! But there is only one rule – the more imaginative and colorful the mix, the better. So that the result corresponds to your ideas, we have prepared a helpful guide for you. Here we go!

The most important thing about patchwork blankets Sewing: The choice of fabric

Patchwork blanket sew ideas

First, it is important for whom the patchwork quilt is. Her husband does not like pink baby fabrics. The motifs must be chosen so that they fit well in color. Everything has to be colorful! But you can combine the colors to your taste. Do not underestimate the quality. You do not sew a patchwork quilt every day, it has to bring you great pleasure for a long time. It is recommended to buy patchwork fabrics. The name speaks about quality. If you can not find these substances, take 100% cotton. For the top no elastic materials are suitable. If you want a unique patchwork quilt, use old clothes, but no jeans or jersey fabrics. So creative and cheap! Our tip: Before sewing, wash and iron the fabrics, as some will come in after the first wash,

The Guide: With courage and imagination to the pattern

Patchwork blanket sew materials

All you need for a 130cm x 170cm blanket is 6 different cotton fabrics, each 60cm x 120cm, a sewing machine and thick paper as a template. You still need contrast for the circles. If the fabric pieces are not cut, take a rotary cutter. Do not forget the iron. If you already have an idea of ​​how to arrange the fabric squares, make them as a pattern.

Step 1: The individual squares are packed in rows

Patchwork blanket sew project

So that you do not forget the order, you can number each row. When you finish the rows, we can start sewing. Of course with the first row! Take the first pile of fabric, loosen the needle and lay the top piece of fabric on the left, with the right side facing up. But if you do that, think in which direction the motives are. Then the second piece of fabric comes with the right side on the first piece of fabric.

Step 2: The fabric pieces are pinned

Patchwork blanket sew steps

Then comes the sewing machine. Use the default settings, you do not need to sew the starts and ends because they will later be sewn through the rows. The first two squares are already sewn! You do the same with the other ranks. It is recommended to sew feet wide along the seam.

Step 3: Sewing

Patchwork blanket sew DIY project

When you have finished sewing all rows, lay them on the floor

Patchwork blanket sew DIY project
The ironing is the second sewing. Take the first row and iron all the squares in one direction. For example, if you select left, then the second row must be right, third left, fourth right, and so on. Not hard at all, right?

The result:

Sew on patchwork blanket. Sewing step

With such a patchwork blanket the cuddling is sweeter and the picnic is more delicious. It is reminiscent of country style and naturalness. Let yourself be inspired by our creative ideas, if you want to bring an individual touch. Can you also use a patchwork blanket for pillows, curtains, bags or why not as a tablecloth? Get creative ideas from our intriguing image gallery and add your individuality.

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