The perfect tattoos for ladies: 6 spectacular concepts
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The perfect tattoos for ladies: 6 spectacular concepts

blue rose tattoos for women

If you are considering canceling a tattoo, read this article! Here’s an overview of the best tattoos for women that look both delicate and original. In addition to the most recent tattoo designs lately, you will also find useful information about their symbolic meaning. Let yourself be inspired!

The best tattoos for women: Stern

Tattoo star forearm geometric design

the best tattoos for women

colored tattoo starlet

Star tattoo hand

Asterisks on the wrist original tattoos

Star tattoo

the best tattoos for women

Tattoo motifs for women star

the best tattoos for women stars

Star tattoo foot

The star tattoo radiates timeless elegance and is certainly one of the best Tattoos for women , Not only does this attractive design look aesthetic, it also reveals much about the character and personal qualities of its wearer. In the past, star tattoos are mostly worn by sailors so they can find their way back to their home ports. The star symbolizes a signpost, so today these kind of tattoos are preferred by those who are looking for the meaning of their lives.

The best tattoos for women: Rose

red rose tattoos for women

Rose tattoo in 3D look shoulder

Rose tattoo template

the best tattoos for women

original rose tattoo on the shoulder

Stunning Tattoo Rose Upper Arm

blue rose tattoos for women

Tattoo black rose

Roses tattoo template original tattoos for women

red rose shoulder tattoos for women

Tattoo motifs for women Rose

Rose original tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder blue rose

When it comes to the best tattoos for women, the rose tattoo may come first. This motive remains particularly popular with the representatives of the weaker sex, as it is both romantic and stylish. The rose tattoos always look elegant – whether colored or in black and white, stylized or rather realistic, and can be combined well with other motifs. The rose tattoo stands for tenderness, beauty, femininity and also for immortal love that can overcome all obstacles.

Dragonfly Tattoo

Dragonfly Tattoo

original tattoo designs for women dragonfly

the best tattoos for women

Dragonfly tattoo colored

Dragonfly tattoo on the shoulder Ideas and inspirations

Another tattoo motif, which enjoys special popularity among women, is the dragonfly tattoo. These types of tattoos reveal a romantic and adventurous character and also symbolize the quest for freedom. Because of the connection between the dragonfly and the water, such a tattoo can also stand for the purity of our thoughts and emotions. The dragonfly tattoo always looks beautiful and elegant, and lately, the smaller versions on the wrist, shoulder or back are really modern.

Heart tattoo

little heart tattoos

red heart and black roses tattoo on the belly

Heart tattoo on the wrist

Heart tattoo ideas and inspirations

A real classic is the heart tattoo. It is still preferred by many women, because the heart acts as a tattoo motif in its numerous variants particularly romantic. Moreover, it is still considered a symbol of life and the joy of it. The heart tattoo betrays an emotional person who puts a lot of value on the feelings – their own and those of other people. And a burning heart stands for strong love with extreme passion. Actually, this motif can have different interpretations depending on the context, but one thing is certain – the heart is undoubtedly one of the best tattoo motifs for women.

Feather tattoo

Tattoo with feathers on the back

Tattoo pen

Feather tattoo upper arm water color

Feather and birds tattoo on the foot

original tattoo pen and birds

elegant feather tattoo shoulder

realistic feather tattoo on the arm

Feather tattoo in water colors

In many cultures spring and bird motifs play an important role, because they are connected with the element air, which is of vital importance. For the ancient Egyptians, the sweeper even had a religious symbolism. And the feather tattoos are in fashion today. Stylized or detailed, the feather tattoo is a beautiful and elegant solution for women. It can stand for freedom, light-heartedness but also for openness, good communication skills and intelligence. The feather tattoo is also associated with creativity, as it was written for centuries with feathers and ink. For example, if you are working in the field of art, this tattoo theme is simply perfect for you.

Butterfly tattoo

realistic tattoo upper arm butterfly

Flowers and butterfly original tattoo breast

Tattoo monarch butterfly

Butterfly tattoo monarch butterfly and flower

Butterfly tattoo with writings

One of the tattoo motifs that never loses its relevance is also the butterfly. The butterfly tattoo has many meanings – it symbolizes the transformation, renewal and positive development – from the ugly caterpillar to the beautiful butterfly. However, these types of tattoos are also associated with beauty, elegance, joie de vivre and the eternal pursuit of freedom. And for the ancient Greeks what the butterfly was a symbol of the human soul and its immortality. There are different variants of the butterfly tattoo – in different sizes, colors and designs – from photorealistic to abstract. The combination possibilities with other motives – for example flowers are also enormous.

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