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The parquet flooring like luxurious

The wooden floors are a kind of ageless classic, which most people choose for their attractive appearance, the pleasant structure and, above all, the high quality. You will have to choose the parquet floor very carefully, so you will look after it for years, which predict its characteristics and also the lifespan of the tree species. The less firm soils are usually obtained from coniferous trees, while the hardest soils are made from exotic timbers sourced from African or South American trees. One of the softest trees is the poplar and vice versa – one of the toughest species is the guaiac.

The parquet of conifers can also be solid and beautiful at the same time

parquet, strength and art

The possibilities of wooden floors
Floors made of a certain type of wood are considered solid regardless of the width and height of the floor. Usually they are supplied without surface treatment, but their disadvantage is that they also change their volume with a change in the humidity in the home. Two to three-layer floors are increasingly being produced, which are more stable to changes in humidity and temperature in the home compared to massive models of just one type of wood. The durability and quality of the soil also depend on the laying method and the floor coverings. The wooden floors can be completely glued to the surface of the floor and fixed firmly to the wall. Another solution is to buy the so-called floating floor by separating the floor structure from the support substrate, even if you opt for underfloor heating. There are also laminated wood slats, as well as laminate or cork parquet types, which come in different widths, qualities and insulation performance, which determines the cost and duration of the warranty. For example, the laminate floor with a wood finish is a less expensive alternative to the solid wood flooring.

The solid wood parquet floors are more expensive, but also a luxury symbol

a sun on the parquet floor

The best advice is good care for the soil
Without quality data in wood we can not rely on the stability of the shape of the soil. Even before you choose the ground, you must make sure that the soil is stable, dry and free of dust. The wood is sensitive to moisture and heat and the temperature during laying should be the same as usual. How the soil is protected determines the surface. The lacquered surface is easy to maintain, can easily resist cleaning and protective varnish and makes a strong extra layer that protects against everyday dirt. A bit complicated, it is just the fact that the soil is to be treated by special preparations – the surface should not dry up and the important oil filter should remain protected. You can change the color of the floor with a suitable coating of the selection. For daily administration we recommend sweeping the dry methods like vacuuming or soil. If you wipe your parquet floor with a damp cloth or a mop, make sure that the floor is dry within a minute, because the water between the joints will cause the color dark spots on the parquet. To cope with possible scratches, it is ideal to scrape the parquet floor every eight years – after this operation, your floor is like new. Soil care should always be explained by the seller.

The seller must explain to you how you care about your parquet floor

beautiful parquet with an obaldekoration
The big advantages of solid wood flooring:
• Excellent soundproofing
• If the parquet is painted, then the maintenance is much easier
• You can replace a damaged piece easily and quickly
• Takes years of adequate care
• The possibility of a perfect renovation
• It is softer and warmer than traditional fiber.

The parquet floor is not only practical, but also beautiful

Snail decoration on the parquet floor
The disadvantages of wooden floors:
• A relatively higher price
• For some types of wood there is a high probability of mechanical damage occurring
• Wooden floors can be laid easily in the bathroom. For the bathroom is suitable the teak wood, which was originally used in shipbuilding. It contains essential oils that protect it from moisture, mildew, rot.

Now it’s the perfect time to check out some of the best parquet floors and order one:

complicated wooden elements on the parquet

three different parquet decorations on a floor

a wonderful decoration on the parquet floor

excellent lacquered parquet floor

Flower decoration on the parquet floor

parquet and teracott mixture

kusnt from the parketboden

sochi and luxury at the parketböden

Russian parquet

Round floor decoration with parquet

beautiful shapes in the parquet decoration

Classical music at the parquet

solid parquet with art decoration

Ukrainian parquet

luxury and parquet

Square decoration on the parquet floor

Parquet decoration in the bedroom

the perfect parquet floor

bright parquet decoration in the bedroom

Parquet decoration in the dining room

oak parquet floor

angular decoration on the parquet

beautiful dark parquet decoration

different tree species on the ground

parquet floor with two different directions

Parquet with a corner decoration

parquet floor in chinese style

retro parquet model

Old dékoation on the parquet floor

dark parquet decoration

royal parquet

parquet details on the floor

modernism in the parquet decoration

Parquet floor with a minimalist decoration

magnificent parquet floor

Parquet floor with a small flower decoration

oval shapes on the parquet floor

Parquet with a flower in the center

Parquet model by David Gunton

Fenix ​​on the parquet floor

parquet design by vassalletti

parquet also on the walls

beautiful parquet decoration on the floor

white wood decoration on the floor

interesting round parquet decoration

Symmetrical decoration on the parquet

enigma decoration by jamie beckwith

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