The newest Scream - Finger Tattoo: 65 tattoo motives to fall in love with!
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The newest Scream – Finger Tattoo: 65 tattoo motives to fall in love with!

Finger tattoo

The absolute trend this year are finger tattoos! Filigree, small, beautiful, a finger tattoo lets the hands speak! And since you have 10 fingers, you can choose very different motives with spiritual meaning! We have collected the best tattoo designs for finger tattoos and helpful information for you! Let yourself be inspired!

A finger tattoo means individuality!

Finger tattoo different motives

Why do you wear the wedding ring on the ring finger? Because all fingers have a special meaning and purpose. They show that you are engaged, married or a beautiful decoration. The same goes for the finger tattoo. And why do we really need wedding rings when there are tattoos for eternity? You can give your tattoo a special meaning and symbolism or tattoo a motif as a piece of jewelry. The finger tattoos are not only enchanting, but also mysterious. A triangle on the middle finger, for example, looks very simple, but has an important meaning for the wearer. But only tattoo fans know that! Scroll down to find out more, both men and women can tattoo their fingers. No matter if you only want a tattoo on one finger, or if you prefer to write a spiritual lettering on both hands, you can choose from countless motives. Fingertips are also suitable for all tattoo designs – watercolor, 3D, white ink, etc. The popular motifs for finger tattoos are heart, cross, anchor, infinity sign, triangle, letter, etc. All these motifs and their meaning, you will experience the same. However, it is very important that you have the tattoo tattooed by a professional on this particular spot, as the skin on the hands renews faster than on the body.

Finger Tattoo Durability: The eye-catching spot has appeal, but is it really eternal?

Finger tattoo ideas

We must honestly inform you that the finger tattoos really have a lot of charm, but also some disadvantages. A tattoo on this site is very painful and not always of long duration. Actually, no tattoo artist can give a guarantee for durability. Unfortunately, there is only one influence. If you want a richly detailed subject, such as a lion’s head, you’re likely to get results from nine out of ten tattooists. A professional tattoo artist will sting the desired motive no matter how much durability it has. Since that is your wish! The trendy lettering or another motif on the palm of your hand will never really be implemented durable. But that’s your finger and skin, you can tattoo anything you want. Need more inspiration in the selection of motives, get creative ideas from our image gallery and find out their meaning!

Fingertattoos instead of wedding rings – symbol of eternal love

Finger tattoo infinity sign

Most couples prefer to get tattoos on the ring finger, as the relationship will show and the love between them. Other famous motifs for couple tattoos are little hearts, infinity, names or wedding date.

Arrow tattoos – meaning

Finger tattoo experiences

A single tattooed arrow: This symbol stands for protection against evil and good defenses.

Two arrows with their tips pointing in opposite directions: Usually this symbolism stands for a warlike mind.

A broken arrow: This tattoo is usually buried for peace or the hatchet.

Two crossed arrows: This body art means friendship.

Several tattooed arrows: The importance of this tattoo is strength, because a bunch of arrows is always more resistant than a single arrow.

An arrow through a diamond symbol: This tattoo stands for bravery and development.

Finger tattoo arrows

Heart motif on the fingers

Finger tattoo heart

A small and filigree heart motif on the fingers always looks stunning and elegant. The tattoo symbol clearly speaks for itself and its meaning is striking. You will learn more about heart tattoos here experience. Scroll down to get even more ideas!

Finger tattoo arrow

Finger tattoo eye

Finger tattoo font two hands

Finger tattoo on each finger

Finger tattoo colored design

Finger tattoo on two hands
Finger Tattoo Game Over

Finger tattoo heart motif

Finger tattoo dog

Finger tattoo for men

Finger tattoo for women

Finger tattoo for women

Finger Tattoo durability

Finger tattoo names and dates

Finger Tattoo King Queen

Finger tattoo ideas

Finger tattoo unique ideas

Finger tattoo motif meaning

Finger Tattoo Lion Head

Finger tattoo palms

Finger tattoo anchor

Finger tattoo anchor meaning

Finger Tattoo Couple Tattoos

Finger tattoo lettering

Finger tattoo creative design

Finger Tattoo Lion Head

Finger tattoo skull

Finger tattoo love

Finger Tattoo Couple Tattoos

Finger tattoo triangle

Finger tattoo trend for wedding

Finger Tattoo Pyramid

Finger tattoo anchor

Finger tattoo lettering

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