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The house wants extra nature: supplies, colours and mixtures

Nature in the home: color greenery

The color of the year 2017 “Greenery” and the trend towards the lush jungle already reveal how popular natural elements are at the moment of living. But how can nature be brought home in an individual way? Which changes can be realized quickly, how can plants be arranged appropriately and why is the replacement of the flooring worthwhile? Answers can be found here!

Greenery: Color 2017

The color of the year Greenery: Color 2017

The Pantone Color Institute has ” Greenery “Elected the color of the year 2017. The beautiful shade of green transforms living spaces into hopeful rooms that invite you to dream and relax. The industry now supplies a large number of products, which are characterized by the clear green. Whether textiles, decoration or entire furniture: Greenery gives each apartment a light and above all natural charm.

The new must-have: plants!

The new must-have: plants!

What is new is the realization that plants bring more naturalness into the home, but what is new is the way of presentation. Indoor plants have become true stars of the interior scene in recent months and must not be missing on any Instagram photo. cacti . succulents , Orchids and Co. are best arranged in groups, suspended or used directly as a table decoration. For example, “Craftycloud” shows how decorative cacti can be used in the form of a terrarium:

In addition, individual green stems in chic vases look fancy, Henkel baskets or paper bags as planters. What can not be missing is the Macrame knotting with which even boring pots turn into eye-catchers. Like you knotted plant holder self-directed make, explains the home improvement portal about free instructions and patterns ,

One thing is for sure: with a mini-jungle, nature wanders very easily and quickly into your own four walls! And if you do not like real green plants or have no room for them, simply print them out and present them in stylish picture frames!

The new must-have: plants!

Soil with a natural look: vinyl, ceramin and cork

Soil with a natural look: vinyl, ceramin and cork

No question: parquet is and remains the best in terms of country house furnishings. Disadvantage: The flooring is expensive. The material alone does not make the price difference to cheaper alternatives, but rather the sometimes high workload, which is associated with the complex installation. Especially if you prefer extravagant laying methods, it can be expensive. A cheaper and visually no less diverse alternative are vinyl flooring , They are generally easy to clean, durable, hygienic, non-slip, water-repellent and ideal for allergy sufferers. The selection is huge and offers a variety of optical finesse. Friends of classic wooden floors should be enthusiastic about the sometimes outstanding imitations of natural structures. Interior Home Market with several locations in Germany presents online innovative design floors made of vinyl, which serve as decorative examples.

Promising is the relatively new material Ceramin , The replication of wood and stone looks is possible and harmful substances are completely eliminated. The ceramic-like composite is touted as particularly robust, lightweight and waterproof. Relatively inexpensive is also the cork , a 100 percent natural material that has meanwhile offered equally diverse designs. For the most part, cork is extracted from cork oak. The pleasantly smooth running feeling, the warm and easy-care surface as well as the good impact sound insulating properties are advantageous. In addition, the natural material is completely recyclable and does not charge electrostatically.

The following criteria are important in the selection of floors next to the optics:

  • stain resistance
  • Light fastness
  • class
  • surefootedness
  • water absorption
  • Laying technique (e.g. click systems)
  • possible pollutants

You will find more tips and suggestions on floor coverings here in our article overview ,

Variety of materials: marble, slate and more

Variety of materials: marble, slate and more

also with regard to Furniture , Surfaces, textiles and decoration keeps nature increasingly in the private home. While marble Valence and solid wood Symbolizing coziness brings slate the natural but extravagant chic in the apartment. The black coarse surfaces can be integrated as floor coverings or worktops in the kitchen, as well as in the form of placemats or wall decoration. In terms of cuisine, renowned designers are currently making sure that wooden kitchens are in demand again. Best example: The Kitchen of Team 7 that AD magazine reported on. It is available in nine wood types and convinces with its reduced lines and tasteful surfaces. Enthusiasm continues to solve combinations of noble ones Wooden and black metal out. No wonder, the couple radiates elegance, nature and authenticity.


Variety of materials: marble, slate and more

There are many ways to bring nature into your home and give it a welcoming character. With plants, natural textiles and green decorative elements to make your home quickly and cheaply. If the budget allows it and you want to make major changes, replacing the flooring is desirable. Due to the large areas, rooms then look completely different.

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