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The brand new coiffure development – grey hair coloring

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Dyeing gray hair? When you hear about it for the first time, that sounds really strange to you. But many young women today have dyed their hair in gray because that is one of the latest trends in hairstyling, which has been gaining more and more popularity lately. Of course, having granny hair has its advantages – the contrast between the gray hair color and the beautiful young face is particularly striking and even attractive, but this trend is also very controversial because it could have damaging consequences for the hair structure. In this post you will learn everything about the positive and negative aspects of gray hair, as well as how you can get the modern look yourself. Enjoy reading!

Coloring gray hair – the new extravagant tendency in hairstyling

Hair coloring gray hair dye

Hair colors gray new trends

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gray hair impressive look

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The extravagant hairstyling trend was introduced by stars like Lady Gaga, Kelie Osbourn and Nikole Richie, and since spring 2015, it has become increasingly popular. The reason: a young woman with gray hair attracts everyone’s attention. The gray color is often combined with different shades such as violet, pastel pink, silver and even light green or white – thus creating the trendy gray ombre look. As already said, this trend has also many opponents, because it is feared that he could really damage the hair. To judge for yourself whether these fears are justified or not, we offer below information about the whole procedure. It could be of help to you, if you also decide to dye your hair gray.

Granny Hair: pros and cons

granny hair modern look

light blonde hair dyeing in gray gorgeous look

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Dyeing gray hair is almost impossible at home. Because it is about a long way to reach the desired hair color, so it is definitely recommended to go to an experienced hairdresser. The hair is not simply dyed in gray, as it is with all other nuances. First, you should be bleached and brightened, then you should find the right shade of gray for you. The right care for already dyed hair is not less important, so you can keep the result for a long time. Let’s start with the explanation step by step, so that you can weigh all advantages and disadvantages.

Hair dyeing in gray: how are you?

dye dark blond hair in gray

white hair Lady Gaga

Ash blonde dark blonde difference gray hair pink

dark brown hair with strands lighten

As already mentioned, the first step is to bleach your hair. Both dark blond hair should be lightened, and dark brown hair should be bleached, because blond is the best basis for the gray hair color. As you may already know, bleaching damages the hair, as it removes the pigments from the hair structure in a way that is unnatural and therefore harmful. For this reason, it is of particular importance that you go to a professionalist. Nevertheless, your hair will lose its healthy look and appearance after bleaching, so you should only use it with high-quality products regularly, so that they do not become brittle. The bleaching is not a cheap procedure – the prices are not lower than 60 euros.

Coloring gray hair: hair tinting step by step

gray hair dye ash blond dark blonde difference

Hair dye new trends color gray

Directions Hair dye in gray

Next, the gray shade is selected in which you want to dye your hair. You should know that the brighter the initial color after bleaching, the more beautiful and intense result you would get. Unfortunately, the gray hair does not last long (that’s why gray is also called “weekend color”), and after each new hair wash, the nuance becomes brighter. In order for you to enjoy the modern look for as long as possible, proper care is the most important thing – this is actually the last step.

Maintaining granny hair properly

Hairstyle trends granny hair

dark brown hair in gray tint hair tint

gray hair elegant look

And how do you properly care for gray hair? It is important that you use a silver shampoo, so that your hairstyle does not appear yellowish over time. You should also use a hair cure with products that strengthen and build up the hair structure at least once a week, and also use moisturizer as granny hair is often dry.

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