The Bosch Retro fridge offers your kitchen a captivating look
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The Bosch Retro fridge offers your kitchen a captivating look

What has been stored for years in the granny’s dusty cellar does not necessarily end up on the rubbish bin. If you love vintage, but your kitchen is modern, we have found your retro piece. The Bosch Retro refrigerator can bring color and vintage look to your kitchen. And can be perfectly combined with almost any style! The bold colors and retro design go well with a kitchen in white.

The Bosch Retro refrigerator can be found in your favorite colors from nature

Bosch retro refrigerator new design

Whether in green, red, light blue, orange or brown, the Bosch Retro refrigerator will find a place in every kitchen. Compared to some contemporary models, the classically small size of the Bosch Retro Fridge also suits well to tiny spaces. You may say that the colors and size are the same as in midcentury, but interiors are different. Yes, you will be right.

The Bosch Retro refrigerator is back on the market with a new design

Bosch retro refrigerator design

That’s why the Bosch Retro fridge is fascinating! The combined vintage look and modern technology inside. It also comes energy efficiency class A +. The old world never breaks the trend, but consumers have different needs and desires. The necessary innovations are also included in the Borsch Retro Refrigerator – super-cool function, spacious compartments, a large vegetable compartment, bottle holder, a 4-star freezer with ice cube tray, three height-adjustable shelves made of safety glass and a flexible inner door with 5 small boxes. The new model of Bosch Retro Fridge is available on the market from no more than € 1,000, consuming around € 500-600.

The interior is redesigned

Bosch retro refrigerator innovation

If you can not find a suitable Bosch Retro refrigerator, you can alternatively choose a different brand. You can also find SMEG, Orangemen, Big Chill or Elmira on the market. All retro refrigerators offer bright colors, elegance and charming design. From mini-refrigerators to giant French door models, we have selected the best examples of colorful refrigerators. These fascinating retro refrigerators create a unique atmosphere. And you can combine the colors in a stylish way. Let yourself be inspired!

Bosch retro refrigerator models

Bosch retro fridge Beige

Bosch Retro refrigerator Blue

Bosch retro refrigerator Vintage

Bosch retro refrigerator kitchen Bosch Retro Refrigerator Purple

Bosch retro refrigerator brands

Bosch Retro Fridge Mint

Bosch retro fridge ideas

Bosch retro refrigerator Orange

Bosch Retro Refrigerator Pink

Bosch Retro Refrigerator Red White

Bosch retro refrigerator Smeg Bosch retro refrigerator Smeg Bosch retro refrigerator Swan Bosch retro refrigerator vintage look

Bosch Retro Fridge White

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