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Terraced planting: practical tips and creative ideas

In the design of the terrace, the planting plays a particularly important role, because it is only in the open air with the appropriate flowers and plants really cozy. There are a variety of ways to create a pleasant “green” atmosphere on the terrace, and in this article you will find information on the basic principles of terraced planting, as well as numerous creative ideas that can help you. Let it inspire you!

Turn your own terrace into a green oasis

terrace Greenery

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Terraced planting suitable plant species

Mallow patio plants

Planting the terrace

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Mediterranean plants

terrace Greenery

Terrace planting ideas

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Terrace planting creative ideas

Planting the terrace

From widespread plant species such as petunias and dahlias over exotic Mediterranean potted plants to evergreen hardy plants in all variants – all are suitable for terraced planting. In principle, the choice is enormous, but you should definitely consider the specific conditions on your terrace – for example, the location and access of sunlight. For example, it makes no sense to choose orchids for your patio if you do not have enough space in your apartment for the flowers during the winter. For a successful terraced planting, first think about what plant species you need – shade-loving, hardy, etc. Do not forget that all the flowers in the flowerpots on the terrace are exposed to the outside conditions! In the summer, for example, this means you should water the plants much more often than usual – it’s best to do it late at night or early in the morning.

Terrace planting – select suitable plant species

Terraced plant evergreen

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Flowers terrace design

Ideas and inspirations Terrace planting

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Terracing Ideas and Ispirations

Terrace plants oleander

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For the growth of plants, the amount of sunlight plays the most important role. Terraces that are well lit for more than eight hours a day are said to be sunny, eight to four hours of light are penumbra, and less than four hours of sunlight per day is called full shade. There are a variety of plant species that are particularly suitable for sunny places – of course, include all Mediterranean plants, such as sage, lavender, thyme, holy herb, laurel, oleander, fig, olive, lily or leadwort. These species are particularly beautiful and easy to maintain, and would give your terrace a unique exotic atmosphere. A particularly interesting sun-loving plant is also the Palmlilie, still known as Yucca. It is easy to care for and hardy, and its magnificent flowers create a great, geometric effect.

Shadow-loving plants for the terrace

shade plants

Shadow-loving patio plants

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Shade plants terrace

hardy patio planting

Terraced plant hardy

Even if your terrace is shaded or partially shaded, there are beautiful plant species that are perfect for terraced planting. These include different ferns, high and low anemonies, cherry laurel and also the yellow-green lady’s mantle – magnificent plant that is relatively undemanding. The shade-loving plants can be combined particularly well with wooden patio furniture, because in this way their beauty is underlined.

Pay attention to the potting soil

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Mediterranean plants terrace

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Terrace planting creative ideas

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Ideas and Isprationen planting the terrace

Plant terrace

Plant species terrace

What you should pay attention to in terraced planting is, above all, potting soil. It should not be torflastig in any case, since the plants otherwise dry out easily. The ideal solution is a mixture of a humus and a loamy portion. For the plant species that love it dry, they should add some more sand, as it keeps the water for a shorter time, so there is no danger that you exaggerate with the watering. The flower pots or boxes should also be large enough for the plants to grow optimally. For some plant species it is recommended to cut off some of the flowers from time to time, as this will stimulate growth. A good example of this are the roses, which, moreover, are particularly suitable for terraced planting.

Select a lead color

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flowering plants terrace

Planting the terrace ideas and inspirations

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The choice of plants is individual and depends on the personal preferences of man, but it would be particularly nice if you chose a lead color, such as yellow. In this case, you can combine sunflowers, angel trumpet and holy herb – other variants with flowers in red or orange are also possible. The plants with flowers in white or creamy shades look especially stylish. If you want to set interesting accents in terraced planting, choose flowers in complementary colors such as red and orange or blue and purple. Let your imagination run wild.

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