Teak Backyard Furnishings: Useful Suggestions for Teak Care
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Teak Backyard Furnishings: Useful Suggestions for Teak Care

Tips for teak care

The garden furniture made of teak wood is undoubtedly one of the most popular wooden garden furniture and creates the summery outdoor space in the country house style. They transform your garden into a paradise in the summer days, but are lonely in the winter. When the sun is shining again and you reopen the Gartensaisson, the teak garden furniture has become dirty and colorless. In order for your favorite furniture to last a long time, you must take care of your teak care and attention. The garden furniture Teak wood actually needs little time and effort, just oil well at the beginning and end of the summer. You can do that yourself, it’s not difficult at all. Discover our helpful tips and instructions.

Why is teak care necessary?

Teak care differences

On the picture you can see the difference between the treated and untreated teak furniture. If you leave your garden furniture without care, with time forms a silver-gray layer, which is called “patina”. Our tip is to clean the furniture at least once a year with a scourer and warm water. The stronger soiling can be removed with green soap. If you give this regular care to your garden furniture, they will give you a lot of pleasure. Plus, there is no need to buy special cleaners and have a lot of work. But if the original wood color of your teak furniture is lost, you must give them special care.

Teak oil comes to help: that’s how it’s done!

Teak care degreaser

All you need is a brush / sponge or brush and a special teak oil. It is important that the teak is washed from the dirt and dried. Apply the care oil very thinly. Without other treatment, this will help, but older gardening may require several cleanings. The use of an orbital sander must definitely help here. You can do this yourself with a little effort.

The pressure washer offers professional assistance in removing the patina.

Teak care cleaner

Teak care with home remedy

Teak care home remedies

There is also teak care using home remedies. But the experts do not recommend it. Baking soda (baking soda) is a popular teak cleaner. The secret is actually in combination with vinegar and lemon juice. So you can easily and cheaply remove the stubborn graying patina.

Teak Care DIY

Teak care instructions

Teak Care with Baking Soda

Teak care DIY idea

Teak care garden furniture

Teak care

Teak Care Gelenge

Teak care agent

Teak care colors

Teak care oil

Teak care steps

Teak care spray

Teak care teakoil

Teak care teakoil

Teak care difference

Teak care washing

Teak care lemons

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