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Tattoo names – title designs and concepts


More and more people are choosing to wear what is dear and important to them, not only in the heart, but also on the skin. The tattoos of names, nicknames or life mottos are an important category among tattoo artists. The tattoo names play a big role in people’s lives as they have an important meaning for those who get tattooed. For example, tattoos of love, some tattoo the date on which they have met, the name or initials of the loved one, the death of a loved one, as honor or recollection, name of the child, the face of a baby or the hand – / Footprint of a baby. All these should express the peculiarity of relationships among people.

Tattoo names of children – an infinite connection

nice tattoo name with butterflies

The mother-child connection is special, which is why many mothers tattoo the names of their children. A popular place for tattoo is the forearm. This site is well suited for this kind of estates because they adapt naturally. People like to tattoo their parents’ names, their baby’s face or footprint / handprint. This can be a sweet nostalgic reminder of the child’s baby-time or even a sense of pride for the little baby, who has already become a great, successful person.

Mother-child connection – “key to the lock”

The children in the heart are breaking

Mother-children, an infinite connection

Tattoo names are more important as souvenirs

Important data of important people

Many people tattoo the names of deceased, loved ones. The name of a deceased person that was important to us for tattooing has always a very beautiful and personal meaning. The most beautiful memories are also carried by the heart, nevertheless, a memory of deceased, meaningful persons would like to lead as a tattoo.


Friendship Tattoo

Friendship is the most beautiful relationship in the world, the friends are the family we choose. That’s the relationship with people we meet in the course of our lives. A good friend is not only the one who is there in the good times, but also in the bad ones. Then a good friend is also someone with whom we share our everyday lives, even if he is sometimes far away. A good friend is one with whom you immediately “speak the same language” again as if you had never parted, even when years have passed.

a beautiful heart castle

nice name tattoo

undeniable love

Amelia to love

Tattoo names on the shoulder

A boundless love

an interesting design

an infinite love

beautiful Native Tattoo

A strong connection between mother and child

name Tattoo

cool tattoo names

Both parents carry their child on the Haur

Chic tattoo with name

Tattoo names

the two sons on the arm

Poppy with name

A baby face for the memory

beautiful roses with names

nice name tattoo

simple and chic - tattoo names

Tattoo names on the finger

The two children carry on the leg

creative tattoo with name

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