Tattoo compass: symbolic that means + 20 trendy designs
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Tattoo compass: symbolic that means + 20 trendy designs

Tattoo world map compass forearm

The compass is certainly one of the most popular and modern tattoo designs for men and women. In the past, this was a classic tattoo for sailors who should protect them to return home faster. The Tattoo Compass also has other meanings, and if you have the desire to learn more, read this article! Below are 20 great design ideas that could inspire you to get a tattoo like this. Enjoy reading!

Tattoo compass: meanings of the subject

Tattoo saying family compass ring finger

Compass Tattoo Template Woman Watercolors

Virtualnights Leipzig Tattoo Compass Sun Moon

World map tattoo compass original look

Tattoo saying family compass anchor

Compass Tattoo Template Roses Gorgeous Look

World map tattoo compass 3D optics man

Tattoo compass man anchor rope

Compass tattoo template man Justin Bieber

The compass is a device for orientation, so the tattoo is most often worn by people who are naturally purposeful and know what they want to achieve in life. The Tattoo Compass also stands for hope, and is simply ideal for those who want to give their lives a new direction. It also symbolizes homesickness, as well as home as a life goal, and as stated above, it protects its wearer during long trips – for this reason, the compass is still the most popular tattoo motif in sailors and military. Furthermore, one could make such a tattoo out of love for the sea or from strong faith in God – if one is convinced that with God’s help one will find the right way in every situation. The direction of the needle also has a special meaning – instead of always pointing to the north, as is the case with the real compass, it could also have a different goal that is particularly important to you.

Get a tattoo compass engraved – inspirational designs

Compass tattoo template geometric

Virtualnights Leipzig Tattoo Underarm Compass

Virtualnights Leipzig Tattoo Owl Roses Compass

Tattoo compass great designs 3D optics

Compass Tattoo Template 2 ideas

Tattoo saying family compass wrist

Compass Tattoo Template Watercolor

Tattoo Compass Virtualnights Leipzig

Compass tattoo template colorful watercolor

Tattoo compass 3 modern designs

As already mentioned, the tattoo compass is universal and suitable for both men and women. The motif can be represented differently – as an old pocket compass or the star of the north, in 3D optics or very abstract with simple lines. The compass can also be combined with other popular tattoo designs – world map, stars, flowers, hourglasses or maritime symbols such as ship, anchor, lighthouse, rope, etc. We hope that the photos in this post also give you more inspirational design ideas!

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