Tasty and low in energy: making water ice your self
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Tasty and low in energy: making water ice your self

Need refreshment in the hot days of summer? Imagine a delicious and low-calorie ice cream! But that is possible – if you make a water ice yourself. This is the lowest calorie ice cream and tastier than any other, as it is made with fresh fruit. All you need is water, fruit or juice and ice molds. Tasty and inexpensive! Take a look at our recipes and follow our tips to help you make the best water ice at home. Enjoy our delicious picture gallery!

Make water ice yourself: the ice forms

Water ice itself makes forms kinds

If you want to try home-made water ice, you only need to buy ice forms. Glass is totally forbidden. The molds must be made of plastic. Do not worry, they are not expensive at all. The ice forms can be found in almost all supermarkets. There is also a cheaper option. You can use empty yogurt cups optimally. Put a small spoon or a stick of hold in it. The filling is very easy, then you can simply scratch out and enjoy the water ice.

The original recipe for homemade water ice

Water ice making DIY yourself

In summer you will find most cherries, strawberries and other types of berries and citrus fruits. Only with juice is it synonymous, if you have no fruit. For the original recipe you need about 200 grams of fresh fruit, 150 ml of water, 3 full tablespoons of sugar and a few fruits to make your water ice cream look delicious. You can also save on sugar. It is important that you first puree the fruits with water and sugar at a low level. Then fill in the molds and let them freeze. Finished!

Refreshing: cola water ice

Water ice itself make Coke

Just a bottle of cola or cola concentrate is enough for you to enjoy this cola ice cream at home. But there is something to consider. You must first remove the carbon dioxide. Shake the bottle, open the cap and close until no more carbon dioxide is present. If you have cola concentrate, dissolve it in water and then freeze. The water ice takes a few hours to finish. Besides cola, you can also use lemonade. This also looks more refreshing in the summer.

The orange water ice is prepared only with orange juice

Water ice itself makes juice

Water ice itself makes oranges

Water ice creams make recipes

Water ice itself makes ideas

Water ice itself makes berries

Water ice itself makes strawberries

Water ice itself forms

Water ice itself is fruiting

Water ice itself makes fruits

Make water ice yourself

Water ice itself makes ideas

Water ice making recipe yourself

Water ice itself makes interesting shapes

Make water ice yourself for children

Water ice itself makes cherries

Water ice itself is producing different fruits

Water ice yourself make kiwi

Water ice itself makes delicious

Water ice itself is multicolored

Water ice making recipe yourself

Water ice creams make recipes

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