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Take away tattoo: useful ideas, strategies and experiences

Tattoo removal experiences and methods

Small heart on the arm, cross on the neck … memories from the youth or in other words – tattoos. Everyone knows this story and almost everyone wants to forget it. But the tattoo is engraved forever, how can you then get rid of youthful sins? The answer is clear – remove tattoo! The famous method is laser removal, but there are some things to consider before making the decision. To help you with this process, we will give you helpful tips and experiences.

Remove tattoo – what should we know before we make the decision?

Remove tattoo method

First let’s talk about the most famous method – laser tattoo removal. This procedure is offered by dermatologists and laser centers. The first question is always about the risks, there are indeed, but that is an individual matter and must be clarified during the consultation. That’s why we recommend that you also clarify the costs and the duration of such a conversation. It is important to know that the cash registers do not pay any costs. For each treatment you have to pay about 100 to 300 euros (for a hand-sized area). What does a treatment mean? Laser removal does not mean that you remove the tattoo once and then there is no trace of it. But on the contrary. You should take at least 4 treatments until you get a visible end effect. See for yourself:

Tattoo laser removal phases

Tattoo removal with laser at a glance

Tattoo removal experience

How does the laser removal work? In this procedure, the color pigments in the uppermost skin layer are bombarded (see the picture above). In this way, they will burst open and disappear beyond the normal healing process of the skin. For this reason, several treatments are needed – the tattoo is edited millimeter by millimeter. The next treatment should be taken in a few weeks. In general, the laser removal takes three to ten treatments. What do the tattoo artists say? The longer it takes to sting a tattoo, the longer it will take to remove it. “Laser removal also makes it possible to remove large subjects. Not only the size, but also the age plays a role here. The color particles fade over time, which makes older tattoos easier to remove. We have already mentioned the costs, but there is still something – pain. Usually the tattoo removal does hurt more than the stinging itself.

Remove Tattoo – What disadvantages does it bring?

Remove tattoo with laser

In addition to the pain and the cost of laser treatment has disadvantages. There is a visible difference between the skin on the treated area and the area around it. It is much brighter and as a result, you really can not have a black tattoo anymore but a white one. An example of this can be seen here:

Tattoo removal effect

To avoid this result and save money, you can try to remove the tattoo with home remedies. With salt and lemons, for example, a permanent tattoo is removed. Take a look here, how it works:

Remove tattoo with salt

Remove tattoo with salt

First, we should warn you that tattoo removal with salt is a dangerous procedure. But if you still want to try, you should rub the salt into the epidermis. The ink is in the epidermis or in the uppermost skin layer of the dermis. However, this procedure may cause discoloration of the skin, wrinkles and possibly scars.

Another method: remove tattoo with salt and lemon juice

Remove tattoo with salt and lemon juice

Natural removal of tattoos: remove tattoo with aloe vera

Remove tattoo with aloe vera

If you have opted for tattoo removal without a laser, we recommend trying aloe vera rather than salt. Make a mixture with aloe vera gel, apricot and vitamin in the same ratio. Apply the mixture to tattoo and massage with circular motions. Wait a while and wash with cold water. This process should be repeated 2 to 3 times a day for about 4 weeks.

Tattoo removal phases

Remove tattoo with laser

Remove tattoo tips

Remove tattoo without laser

Remove tattoo laser removal

Remove tattoo like

Remove tattoo without laser

Tattoo removal treatments

Remove tattoo before after

Tattoo removal result

Remove tattoo laser removal

Tattoo removal costs

Remove tattoo back

Tattoo remove colored tattoos

Remove tattoo costs

Tattoo removal tattoo templates

Remove tattoo hand

Tattoo removal methods and experiences

Remove tattoo tips

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