Successfully renovate the toilet and the kitchen - cowl the tiles
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Successfully renovate the toilet and the kitchen – cowl the tiles

Wall tiles kitchen PVC tiles self-adhesive

Do you think the tiles in your kitchen or bathroom look too old-fashioned? In this article we will show you how this can be changed very quickly and easily – without construction work, dirt and noise! We tell you everything about the simplest way to effectively transform the tile mirror, namely – pasting over tiles. If you hear about it for the first time, you are in the right place! Below you will learn all about the advantages of this process, as well as how you could cover tiles yourself. We hope that you draw inspiration from this post for a positive change in your home!

Glue tiles over – quickly and easily embellish the bathroom and kitchen

Wall tiles bathroom over adhesive PVC tiles self-adhesive

Wall tiles kitchen board repair pattern tile joints renew

Tile bathroom floor tiles paint vs cover over

Tile bathrooms renovate modern ideas

Who lives in an old apartment, certainly knows the problem – the old-fashioned tiles in light green or eggshell yellow with floral patterns are immediately apparent because they do not represent a suitable background for a contemporary setting. Often, however, the renovation takes a long time to create new tiles, is not an easy task – it not only takes a lot of money and time, but also has noise and dirt as consequences. If you want to avoid that, you have two options: either laying tiles over tiles, or painting the old tiles in any color. The pasting over or tiling of the tiles is a better alternative, which would save you a lot of time and nerves. And what is this procedure? There are actually only two steps: removing and sticking! Read on to find out more!

Cover tiles with high-tech foil

Tiling over bathroom tiles

Re-apply bathroom tile over wall tiles Renew tile joints

Paint or cover floor tiles

Glue wall tiles over bathroom

Remove floor tiles vs cover over tile bathrooms

Tiling over is actually about sticking special high-tech foil to the tiles, giving them a new, modern look. This adhesive film is extremely sturdy, could hold for a few years and then be removed again without leaving any traces! The tile stickers also have a coated surface so water, heat, steam, dirt, shoes, detergents and vacuuming will not affect their durability. This makes them ideal for floors and walls in the bathroom, in the kitchen or even in the hall! Sounds great, right?

Tile the bathroom over: how are you?

Tile bathroom over how to do it

Tile over tile bathroom without tiles

PVC tiles self-adhesive bathroom without tiles

Wall tiles over the kitchen and bathroom

Cover bathtubs Renew tile joints Remove floor tiles

As already mentioned, the film sticks perfectly to the tile surface and can last for several years, but it is not bad to have a few stickers as a replacement – sometimes misfortune could happen, so that one or a tile needs new coating. And after some time, if you want to change the tile design, the foil sticker can be problem-free and backward by a professional remove. But you could also do this yourself by carefully loosening the corners of the film with your fingers, and simply peel it off. To avoid leaving any unwanted glue residue, heat the surface in advance with a hair dryer – however, the heat should not be too large, so that the adhesive is not too soft.

Spice up wall tiles kitchen with adhesive foil

Overlay wall tiles kitchen over design great patterns yourself

Wall tiles kitchen overcast impressive ideas

Wall tiles kitchen cover over instructions

Wall tiles kitchen overcast glorious look

Self-adhesive PVC tiles for floor and walls can be found at the hardware store, but since there is no standard tile cutting standard, it might be difficult to find the right size. A better idea is to order the adhesive film online. There are online shops, such as “Resimdo” ( ), which offer a wide selection of adhesive foils in different colors and structures. You should only choose the variant that you like the most, and you will have the adhesive strips cut out in the correct size – to the nearest millimeter! So you do not need extra time to measure and cut – just degrease the foil, stick it on and done without long drying times and annoying construction! After you have finished gluing, you could also renew the tile joints – with silicone or tile white. Besides, you would not be able to cover all the tiles – making a great border or racing stripes would visually spice up your bathroom or kitchen. “Resimdo” offers great wood-look tiles that are currently very much in vogue. We hope that our ideas will inspire you to try tile pasting yourself!

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