Stress-free ready: With WeddyBird to your personal wedding ceremony homepage
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Stress-free ready: With WeddyBird to your personal wedding ceremony homepage

Wedding homepage ideas

The traditional invitation for your wedding is the focal point for all important information about the celebration at a glance. But the balance between information and aesthetics is not always easy. To ensure that this conflict does not arise at all, an individually designed wedding homepage helps to provide guests with everything important:

… and planning becomes easy!

A modern and Wedding homepage from WeddyBird helps you to plan the most beautiful day perfectly and stress-free. Because it offers just as much space as you need to gather all the important facts clearly. And in terms of aesthetics, she is a real eye-catcher with different designs, your own photos and fonts and fits perfectly into your motto! A reference in your invitation is enough for friends and
Relatives can learn everything else.

Organization in no time

Also for the clarification of further questions WeddyBird is your perfect companion. Because your homepage automatically becomes the central contact point and makes the organization of your big day much easier:

witnesses :
Give your witnesses proper place, introduce them in advance to your guests and provide contact details.

Wishes :
Use your wedding homepage to tell your guests about your wishes.

– Daily routine:
Tell your guests in advance what the daily routine awaits them and what should be considered.

– Overnight stay and arrival:
Help your guests choose accommodation and include a map service for them.

– Feedback:
Uses WeddyBird as a platform for feedback from all guests. Subscriptions or cancellations will be collected centrally for you. So you have an optimal overview!

– Individual queries:
Whether you choose your wedding menu or ask for escorts – ask your guests about WeddyBird to make your planning easier!

After the wedding: The homepage becomes a personal photo gallery

And even after your big day, your wedding homepage will do a great job and be with you a personal photo upload to the place of memories for guests and bridal couple! Every guest can upload their snapshots –

Because even apart from professional photographers are certainly very special shots. So you will not miss any detail and the memories of your party will be unforgettable! Of course, your very private information and memories can also be protected by your own password, which you only share with your loved ones.

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