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Straightforward to construct Euro pallet mattress your self – detailed directions

Euro pallets bed itself build modern and practical

The Euro pallet bed is a cheap piece of furniture that you can easily build yourself at home – the perfect task for you, if you like to master and build in your free time! These beds are also very popular today, as they are very well integrated into the industrial environment, which is currently very much in vogue. A self-made bed made of Euro pallets is also a great alternative to the classic bed from the furniture store and costs two or even three times less. It will not only bring a fresh touch to your bedroom, but also give you the opportunity to do something good for the environment by re-using the old palettes (this is called “upcycling”). Are you already convinced of the advantages of this type of bed? Then read our instructions and put them into practice!

Make your own Euro pallet bed – practical tips and necessary materials

Euro pallets bed in Turkish green modern look

Euro pallets bed creative design ideas

Euro pallets bed painted red

Euro pallets bed hostel

Euro pallets bed under the sky creative DIY ideas

Euro pallets bed original look

Euro pallets bed with headboard modern look

large europallets bed rustic

Euro pallets bed children's room white

Euro pallets bed with headboard built

The construction of a Euro pallet bed also has other positive aspects – you can easily design the bed as you please and, of course, how best fits in your bedroom. All you need is skill, creativity and the desire to work – other special skills are not necessary at all! But before you start building, you should get the right pallets. Euro pallets are actually different from the one-way pallets – they are much more stable and cost at least 10 Euros apiece, while the disposable pallets are often even given away free of charge in the supermarket or from the hardware stores. Even if you have found the Euro pallets in bulky waste, for example, they should not be dirty, wet or damaged in any way. The number of pallets you need depends on the size and height of the bed you want to build. For a simple single bed you need no more than two-three pallets, while for a higher double bed you should get at least eight pallets. For the instructions that we offer in this post, you will need the following materials: 5 to 8 Euro pallets in good condition, enough nails and screws, wood varnish, a brush or paint roller, sandpaper, an old sponge, grinder, a hammer or cordless screwdriver and maybe a saw.

Euro pallets bed modern look

Euro pallets bed indirect lighting gorgeous look

DIY Euro pallets bed

Vintage bedroom Euro pallets bed gorgeous look

Euro pallets bed build comfortable and practical

Euro pallets bed modern and large bedroom

Euro pallets bed lit original look

Euro pallets bed painted red-black

interesting coffee table made of europallets

Couch made of europallets living room

Coffee table made of europallets living room

Coffee table made of europallets rustic look

Sofa made of Euro pallets gray upholstery

Euro pallets sofa creative DIY ideas

Step 1: Prepare, dye and paint the europallets

Build europallets bed, buy pallets in good condition

Get DIY pallets bed pallets in good condition

Prepare Euro pallets bed to prepare the pallets

First, you should prepare the pallets well – the wood must be sanded with the grinder until it is ideally smooth. In this way you remove all protruding nails, splinters or screws and avoids the risk of injury that results from it. Then sandpaper the pallet surface again with sandpaper and clean the wood using an old sponge. Finally, you can paint the Euro pallets or even paint in color of your choice.

Step 2: Arrange the pallets and fix them firmly

Euro pallets Build your own bed Fix the pallets stably

Prepare Euro pallets Bed Prepare the pallets and fix them in a stable way

Design Europalletten bed yourself Build a bedstead

After the varnish or paint has already dried, you should arrange the pallets correctly: first place three pallets next to each other on their long sides and then two other pallets at right angles to them – again with their long side. In order to increase the height of the bed, you can also add other Euro pallets to this construction. If you are satisfied with the shape of the bed, you should fix all pallets with nails or screws stable – so form the frame of the bed.

Step 3: Give more stability to the construction

Euro pallets bed build yourself instructions in pictures

Build DIY Euro pallets bed

Euro pallets bed itself build simple instructions

To give the whole construction more stability, you can attach more boards on the bed and on the sides. Then you still have to check whether the paint or the paint looks good and repaint or paint, if it is necessary. Then place the mattress on the pallet rack. Your self-built bed is ready!

Step 4: Build a headboard

Bed frame with headboard made of europallets

Euro pallets bed with headboard built itself wonderful look

Euro pallets bed itself build modern double bed with headboard

Euro pallets bed with headboard large and practical

large europallets bed with headboard built

build pallet bed with headboard yourself

Finally, we will explain how you can make a nice headboard for your europallet bed. It is made of two pallets, which are placed on the longer side to the upper end of the bed and then fixed with nails or screws. It would be very original if you use the gaps in the pallets as small shelves or create interesting visual effects with a chain of lights incorporated into the bed frame. Do you prefer a DIY bed made of wood panels, we also have the best manual for her! Have fun building!

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