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Stone wall as an eye-catcher and privateness within the backyard – 40 concepts

beautiful stone wall garden bed border

A stone wall in the garden fulfills several functions – it serves not only as a wind, weather and visual protection, but also as a separating element – between different garden areas or between your property and that of the neighbors. These types of walls are often a real eye-catcher in the outer area, as the stone harmonizes as a natural material with the garden landscape. In this article, we offer you 40 original ideas that can give you inspiration to create a feel-good area in your own garden through such a wall. Enjoy reading!

The stone wall as an eye-catcher in the outer area

classic stone wall

Stone wall in g garden gradually built

Stone wall in the garden stair flower beds

Stone wall in the garden unusual look different stone types

Stone wall in the garden original design

decorative stone wall in the garden eye catcher and privacy screen

Stone wall in the garden replanted floral attkaktiver look

Garden wall of large, round stones Flowerbed edging

Stone wall in the garden sitting area fire pit

A stone wall The garden combines functionality and aesthetic features at the same time. The traditional walls of natural and sandstone look elegant and classic, but today there are also some unusual variants that give you the opportunity to set spectacular accents in the outer area. An excellent example of this is the gabion walls and fences that are currently in demand, as well as the step-by-step walls, where each level can be easily transformed into small flowerbeds. You do not know what kind of stone wall you want in your garden – one in the traditional look or rather one that looks attractive and unusual? Take a look at the photos in our gallery – they will certainly give you an idea!

Numerous variants and design options

original stone wall in the garden eye catcher

Garden pond bordering wall as a natural stone

Stone wall in the garden sitting area

Stone wall in the garden low bed border

Stone wall in the garden smaller stones

decorative stone wall in the garden natural stone

Stone wall in the garden low pool

interesting garden wall made of wood and massive stones

Stone wall in the garden apron border

Stone wall natural stone part of the landscape

It is really hard to find two stone walls that look the same down to the smallest detail – not only depends on the construction, but also of the large Vilefalt on stone species that you can use. Whether concrete, brick, natural stone wall or a modern wall of gabions – each variant has its own charm and its own uniqueness. Depending on the style – antique, modern, rustic or Mediterranean, on the color nuances and surface of the stones, the concrete wall adapts to the garden character. In the first case, the wall creates a natural transition from living space to nature, and in the second, it becomes an original outdoor accent. To make the stone wall even more attractive, you can green them – they are suitable for all species that can thrive in the joints and cracks, as well as the climbing plants – for example ivy, but all can make the wall a real part of the landscape.

Practical tips for building a stone garden wall

original garden wall of brick planted

low garden wall of solid stones

Stone wall in the garden bed border

high gabion walls garden eye-catcher and privacy more attractive look

Gabion fence unusual look different types of stones

original gabion wall colored stones

Gabion fence classic creative ideas garden design

high gabion fence as a screen in the garden

Gabion fence made of natural stone low

high stone wall as a blind in the garden

The costs of building a stone garden wall are usually not high, but may vary depending on the type of stone – the wall of Alpine lime, for example, is an inexpensive alternative to the granite wall. That’s why it makes sense to seek advice from a specialist who can give you useful information about the construction options, materials and prices in advance. A professional construction of the wall is also recommended – this will save you not only a lot of time, but also the heavy physical work that not everyone can do. Building a stone wall yourself can be a complicated task – especially for someone without manual skills. It is better to leave the professionalist to make the construction beautiful and stable. An exception in this case are the gabion walls, where you fill special wireframe baskets (gabions) with stones or other materials and stack them on top of each other. The self-construction is also possible with the walls of smaller stones, which impress with their refined appearance.

The varied functions of the stone walls

Garden wall of stone natural look

interesting stone wall gradually built planted garden

Stone wall garden flowerbeds stairs

Stone wall garden terrace edging stairs

Stone wall in the garden

low stone wall as a beet border garden

Steimauer in the garden original design

Stone wall gneiss garden screen

low stone wall garden classic look

Stone wall in the garden. Screening on the terrace

The stone garden wall is a beautiful, long-term and environmentally friendly solution for the outside of every home. The high stone walls are the perfect privacy from prying eyes and provide your privacy, while the lower ones can also fulfill other unusual functions – for example, serve as a sitting area or as a border of the garden pond. You could accentuate the wall by planting colorful flowers or making fun garden sculptures. Be creative and build your own stone wall in the garden – this way your green oasis will always look beautiful and complete!

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