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Stitching wrap skirt – Directions for newbies

As an absolute must in the wardrobe of every woman, the wrap skirt is always up to date. These modern skirts accentuate the figure, lend themselves to every body type, and can be combined with almost any top. The wrap skirt does not limit the movements – you can easily walk and dance, and wear on different occasions – in the office or in the disco he always looks elegant. Even if you’re new to sewing, you can even sew a wrap skirt – it’s not complicated at all. In this article, you would find practical tips that can help you.

Sewing a wrap skirt – much easier than you think

elegant gray wrap skirt

classic wrap skirt

Sew on wrap skirt

Sew on wrap skirt yourself

Sewing DIY ideas wrap skirt

Wrap skirt in blue

Sew on wrap skirt

original wrap skirt with floral motifs

If you want to sew wrap skirt yourself, you need nothing more than matching fabric, sewing machine, scissors and thread. Before you start sewing, make a schematic drawing of the skirt. The most important thing is to determine how long your skirt should be – knee-length, knee length or ankle length. Also of importance is the waist circumference – the vetch skirt can go around the body one and a half times or twice, and the appearance of the band. Let your imagination run wild!

Calculate the amount of substance

Sew on wrap skirt

Sew on wrap skirt

Sketch wrap skirt

Sewing a wrap skirt to draw a sketch

After you have finished with the sketch, you should calculate the required amount of substance. For example, if you want to sew an ankle-length wrap skirt, first measure the distance from the waist to the ankles. This is the width of the required substance. The length can be determined by doubling your waist circumference and adding another five centimeters. What you should also calculate, is the length of the winding tape – it results from the fabric width plus two meters, as the tape is to be sewn twice. The same principle in calculating the amount of substance applies to skirts with different lengths. Of course, you should know in advance what kind of fabric you want to use – delicate silk, velvet or light cotton? The selection is really huge!

Start sewing

Sew on wrap skirt

DIY ideas

red wrap skirt

red wrap skirt

elegant wicker skirt in black

interesting short wrap skirt

interesting wrap skirt made of denim

Wrap skirt sew original asymmetric wrap skirt

The next step is to start sewing the wrap skirt. First, you should cut the fabric according to your calculations. For easier cutting place the piece of fabric on the floor – on a table your work would be much more difficult. After you are done, the time comes to sit behind the sewing machine. Of course you can also sew by hand, but that is a bit more difficult and therefore not recommended – especially if you are a beginner.

Sewing the wrap skirt – step by step

Instructions Sewing wrap skirt

interesting asymmetrical wrap skirt

original long wrap skirt

interesting wrap skirt

classic black wrap skirt

extravagant short wrap skirt

First you sew the side edges of the skirt – with a nice decorative stitch it would look very elegant. Then sew the skirt part to the wrap band, so that at least one meter of fabric of the band hangs out on both sides. The next step is to unfold the wrap band and sew it together on the left. That way, the band is closed and your skirt is almost done. Lastly, put on the wrap skirt to control the height of the hem. For the bottom hem, leave at least 5-6 inches of fabric – in principle, it should be wider than the top. Now the new wrap skirt is already finished!

Different wrap skirt models

elegant long wrap skirt in gray

Sew on wrap skirt

modern wrap skirt in white

Wrap skirt boho style

purple wrap skirt

unusual wrap skirt

Sew on wrap skirt

interesting gray wrap skirt

Sew on wrap skirt

elegant silk wrap skirt

classic wrap skirt white and black

delicate wrap skirt in white

short wrap skirt

Sew on wrap skirt

If you want to make your new skirt even more modern, you can pleat it. That’s not hard at all – even if you’re new to sewing. First, take the excess fabric to cut two pieces – 30 inches long and 6 inches wide. Then fold the pieces in the middle – with the wrong side inside, and iron the fold. Then they should line the fabric pieces along the skirt edges with the sewing machine. To make the cords of the skirt, turn the pieces with the wrong side outwards. Next, sew the edges of the wrap skirt. You can also make the skirt collar from a 2.5 cm wide fabric, with a string at each end. What’s left is to wrap the skirt around your waist. And done!

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