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Stitching seaside bag: easy directions for stitching rookies

Sewing DIY ideas beach bag

Prepare for the summer vacation by sewing a large, modern beach bag yourself! In this article you will find a simple guide that is also suitable for those who have never worked on sewing before. Let yourself be inspired – we wish you much success and fun!

Sew beach bag – list of necessary materials

Beach bag sew big model gorgeous look

Beach bag sew for all your beach stuff

Beach bag sew DIY

creative DIY ideas beach bag sewing necessary materials

Beach bag sew fabric red and white

Accessories that belong to the content of a beach bag

Beach bag sew big model in blue

Beach bag sew creative DIY ideas gorgeous variation in light blue

DIY beach bag sewing content

Beach bag sew big and modern

Sewing beach bag is actually a lot easier than you think. It takes even little time – just follow our instructions, and if you already have sewing experience, you can also experiment and make the model we offer even more original. The do-it-yourself idea you’ll find below is for a nice and big enough cloth bag that can easily accommodate all your beach stuff – towel, swimsuit, suntan and even children’s toys. For this you need the following materials: 0,5m solid cotton fabric of your choice; 0.5m cotton fabric as lining; Scissors; Maβband; pins; Soapstone; 3,5m pocket strap; schematic drawing of the bag and yarn in matching colors.

Sewing beach bag – instructions

Beach bag sew creative ideas DIY

Beach bag sew modern model in gray and white dots

Beach bag sew modern variant in two colors

Beach bag sew big model in the light beige

Beach bag sew striped white and navy blue anchor

Beach bag sew huge variation in bright colors original look

Beach bag sewing huge variant striped

Beach bag sew original variant colored gorgeous look

Beach bag sew original ideas for the summer vacation

Combine the beach bag with one headscarf to create even more breathtaking look!

Beach bag sewing DIY instructions

After you have already obtained the necessary materials, you can start sewing. First put the cotton fabric on the table in front of you and cut two rectangular pieces that are 70x50cm in size. Leave on the side about 5cm of fabric for the hem. Then use tailor’s chalk to mark the position of the webbing. For this purpose, fold the fabric in the middle (the material is actually the center of the bag) and make two markings about 10cm from the edge of the fabric. Turn the folded fabric over and do the same on the bottom side so that you have four marks at the end. Cut out two pieces from the pocket strap that are as long as the height of the fabric (50cm) plus 60cm. Attach one piece to the fabric using pins. Use the markings you have already made to sew on the handle. You can either do this by hand or use the sewing machine – do not forget the hem! Do the same with the other piece of pocket strap.

Form side edges, bottom and corners of the bag

Beach bag sew enough big model also for the children's toys

Beach bag sew gorgeous model striped colored

Beach bag stitching anchor navy blue original model

Beach bag sew interesting model big and practical

Beach bag sew colored fashion interesting design

Beach bag sew original design floral motifs

Beach bag sew elegant variant of fabric in blue

Sewing beach bag DIY

Beach bag sew big variation in purple for women

Beach bag sew original variant two-tone

After you have finished with the handles, you should sew the side edges of your homemade beach bag. To make the bag tight, sew the pieces of fabric together on three sides (one long and two short). The beginning and end of each seam should be secured with back and forth stitching. When you have finished with the short side edge, you should change the sewing direction: let the needle pierce the fabric, lift the presser foot and turn the fabric over. Then you can lower the presser foot and sew the long bottom edge of the bag. At the next corner you should handle the same way. Finally, you can make a zigzag stitch along the edges. The next step is to cut off the corners so you can shape them later. To give the bag the necessary depth, you should also form a floor. To do this, fold the fabric apart from the opening of the bag to form a triangle. Find its center and sew along – the longer the seam, the deeper the bag gets.

Sew feed bag

Beach bag sew interesting design watermelon

Beach bag sew ideas and inspirations

creative idden beach holiday beach bag sewing

Beach bag sewing original fashioned in brown homemade

Beach bag sew gorgeous design original look

Beach bag sewing model in fabric rainbow colors

Beach bag sew original variant of fabric in blue

Beach bag sew interesting fashion fabric made of striped fabric itself

Beach bag sew white and blue stripes classic look

The only thing left to do is to sew the feeding bag of your beach bag – the same way as when sewing the outer fabric – this applies to the shaping of the side edges, the corners and the bottom. The height of the lining material should be only 5cm shorter than that of the outer fabric. After you have already made the feed bag, you should sew it on the outer fabric – make sure that the handles are not included! Then turn the fabric bag so that the outer fabric and the handles are out again. Your self-sewn beach bag for your summer vacation is ready!

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