Stitching luck: Stitching suggestions and directions for the curtain
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Stitching luck: Stitching suggestions and directions for the curtain

Curtain sew type

The curtains turn the apartment into a home! They create the pleasant and cozy atmosphere in the room. But how do you find exactly the right curtains for your windows in retail? There is already a solution – just sew the curtain yourself! With our ideas and instructions can also start to make curtains yourself.

Curtain sewing instructions

Curtain Sewing DIY Step 1

Curtain sew loops

Curtain sew loop

Sew curtain, sew on loops

Curtain sew for Kinderbet

Of course, the first step is to choose the right fabric. That’s a little challenge. You have to choose whether you want to buy transparent or heavy curtains. If you need them more than accessories, the transparent ones are lighter, but they do not provide privacy. The heavy curtains are essential for the bedroom. The colorful colors change the mood in the room. The size must be twice to three times the width of the window. A tip from us: It’s best to already cut the fabric at the store. The curtain tape must be in the width of the fabric. Count on the desired finished curtain length about 20 cm for the hem.

After the preparation follows the sewing

Sew curtain like

Before you start sewing, do not forget to prepare the fabric. Washing is especially important for fabrics that can shrink. Also before sewing is the iron on the program. Iron the side edges over. You have to knock it 1 cm backwards to create an edge. Now comes the most important step – sewing curtain. Of course you need a sewing machine. First, pin the edge with pins and sew. You have to do that on the other side as well. There is also a lighter version – the hem band. This one is very functional and you can easily find it in stores. Twist the hem twice and iron again. But you do not need to sew here.

And for the loops …

Curtain sew type

The first question you would ask is how many loops you have to sew. It depends on the width of the curtain. The loops must be 5 cm wide and 8 cm apart. Fold the cut parts of the loops at the edge in the middle right and quilt the outer edge with 1 cm seam allowance. Flip the side edge twice and use a few needles for fixation. Fold the first loop in the middle and place at the outer edge of the curtain from right to left. The width of all loops must of course be the same.

Be creative: choose interesting fixture

Curtain sew attachment

As you have already learned from us, you can also create the attachment for your self-made curtains yourself. But there are also many types of attachment that bring variety in the look of the room. A beautiful idea is the combination of curtain rings and clips. It is also very easy for DIY because you do not need to sew loops, just clip the finished curtains with clips. A very suitable attachment for the bedroom or living room are the eyelets. But you need a machine to cut the rings. For a charming view, sew the curtains with beautiful pleats with the help of finger-hoes and simply attach them with curtain hooks. Lightweight and breathtaking!

The self-made curtains create a country style

Curtain sewing homemade

The self-sewn curtain does not always hang boring next to the window. There are many ways in which you can creatively spice up your curtains. It’s getting pretty nice DIY beanbag from the same fabric as for the curtain, look! Inspire yourself from our beautiful examples!

Curtain sew hem

Curtain sew on pleats

Curtain sew DIY steps

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Curtain sew loops

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Sew curtain curtain

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Curtain sew small windows

Curtain sew topside
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