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Stitching heat creation calendar – directions and 35 examples

Sewing advent calendars - instructions and ideas

Christmas is a symbol of family warmth and coziness in the home. When November is around the corner, we start to plan the Christmas decorations. First comes the advent calendar, which we on 1 Advent to open. As a symbol of Christmas, he must also have such a warm charisma. And what more comfortable, as you sew a cozy Advent calendar? It’s not difficult at all and also looks stunning! Look at the instructions!

Sewing advent calendars – what kinds are there?

Sew Advent calendar and use as decoration

We all know the basic principle of the advent calendar – 24 little bags that symbolize the days left until Christmas. The bag must be sewn so that you can put in small presents or sweets. And there is nothing better than a self-made package that your children will get 🙂 Scroll down to find our guide on how to easily sew an Advent calendar. Have fun!

Sewing advent calendars – what should you know?

Sewing advent calendars - the most important part of Christmas decoration and tradition

The most important thing you need is a base for the advent calendar, where you can hang or sew the sewn-on packages. This base can also be made of fabric that you will sew yourself (as shown in the next guide) or just a string where you can hang the finished bags. The imagination knows no bounds, let it run free

Fabric selection and pattern

Sewing advent calendars - fabric selection as a first step

If you have decided on the style of your Advent calendar, there are two more important things to follow – the choice of fabrics and patterns. You do not need patterns on every calendar. Only if you have decided to sew the packages as typical Christmas motifs, for example – boots, Christmas tree, stars, etc. Here You will find many Christmas motifs and patterns for printing. When talking about the substance, there is only one recommendation on our part – easy to sew. Cotton fabric is perfect and looks warm and comfortable! The colors are the typical ones for Christmas – red, green, white, and why not silver or gold, if you prefer a modern advent calendar. You can use fabric patterns for base fabric (as shown in the next instructions) and the packages will fit dots, stars, snowflakes, etc.

Finally the manual …

Sew Advent Calendar - Instructions Step 1

All you need is desire and an afternoon time 🙂 And stuff of course. Some patterns and our instructions will help you with all the other stuff. Of course, the pieces of fabric must be 24, which you must have previously cut using the pattern or just as squares. Important to know here is that pieces of fabric 11 × 60 cm yield packets 10 × 15 cm. If you want numbers on it, you can either sew them with ribbons or apply them with Klebeweb. Scissors, ruler and sewing machine will help you too.
Sew Advent Calendar - Instructions Step 2

Sew Advent Calendar - Instructions Step 3

Sew Advent Calendar - Instructions Step 4

Sew Advent Calendar - Instructions Step 5

Sew Advent Calendar - Instructions Step 6

Sew Advent Calendar - Instructions Step 7

Lay the cut fabric pieces right to right. On the right side, sew together at the long edge. Allow seam allowance approximately 0.5 centimeters per side. If you want, you can leave the bags like this and sew them together with basic fabric or sew them on the other side. Apply the fabric and lay right again on the right. Lay four layers of fabric together so you can sew. Of course you do not sew the top. So put the little presents!

You can use the same instructions for the Advent bags

Sewing advent calendar - Instructions for bags

Very nice and surprising, the bags also act as Advent calendars. These can be sewed in the same way as the above instructions. The only difference is the cord. You can sew this from the inside of the bag. Outside he looks great too! Let yourself be inspired by our beautiful examples and creative ideas and bring your Advent calendar a personal touch!

… and a free guide from us as a gift 🙂

Sew Advent Calendar - DIY Instructions

Sew Advent Calendar - DIY Instructions

Sew Advent Calendar - DIY Instructions

Sew Advent Calendar - DIY Instructions

… and a great video tutorial …

Do you still need inspiration? In our gallery you will find beautiful examples

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