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Stitching desk runners for Christmas – greater than ornament

Sewing table runners for Christmas - instructions

The apartment is already decorated for Christmas, the Christmas tree decorated, what is missing? To create a happy mood, decorate the Christmas table with taste and desire! Candles, napkins, Christmas plates are provided, but the table looks a bit empty. A homemade table runner for Christmas makes the Weihanchtstafel look cozy and festive and creates a warm ambience. More than decoration, more than a tablecloth – the table runner brings a cozy touch and reminds of family and cosiness. Get creative ideas from our guides and stunning examples!

What do you need to sew a table runner for Christmas yourself?

table runner-christmas

First and foremost desire and creativity! But if you have only desire, we will help you with a helpful guide. The first step is to decide on the style of your table runner. The trend is the patchwork – combined from different fabrics and creatively sewn. This table runner is perfect for a Christmas present for your mom, grandma or girlfriend. The perfect gift is the homemade gift. That’s why you bring love into your next sewing project! But if you do not like to sew and still want to make your table runner yourself, you can sew Christmas elements on a finished tablecloth. Variants are endless, just let your imagination run wild.

Patchwork table runner for Christmas – the guide

table runner-christmas-manual

Everything you need for your Christmas table runner can be seen in the photo. If you have opted for patchwork, use at least two different fabrics. You also need a ruler, a pair of scissors, a measuring tape, and a sewing machine. A thin cardboard for the drawing template helps a lot with measurement.

material selection

table runner-christmas-guide-1

The table runner for Christmas needs to bring a happy mood, so choose the best patterned fabrics. If you use more than 3 different fabrics, the one can be monochrome. The colors are the typical ones for Christmas – red, white, green. The patterns know no limits! Here you can let your imagination run wild. You can either cut the fabric pieces yourself or buy fabric squares.

Step 1: The trick is to lay the fabrics properly

table runner-christmas-guide-2

step 2

table runner-christmas-guide-3

Cut strips of the fabrics. We cut them in 10 cm width, it depends on the width of the table runner. Then comes the ironing. All strips should be ironed in the same direction. Then comes the lying down – when you put the different fabrics on the table, you can customize themcoloured and shaped. That is the entire secret. Then the sewing machine comes into play. The strips should be right to right with a seam allowance of 0.5 cm Sew.

Step 3 – The back

table runner-christmas-guide-4

The second secret of the patchwork is the back. Yes, it is about the sewn top face down 🙂 The trick here is that the back fabric should be bigger than the top! Take a few needles to help you control that everything is fine. Cut the overlapping fabric and then cut again with seam allowance. When everything is done, you can be really proud of yourself!

And something not traditional – sew table runner from leaves

table runner-christmas-manual-nature-1

Bring nature home! The required materials:

table runner-christmas-manual-natural-3

Step 1

table runner-christmas-guide-7

step 2

table runner-christmas-manual-natural-4

step 3

table runner-christmas-manual-nature-5

Step 4

table runner-christmas-manual-natural-6

Let the table runner shine

table runner-christmas-bright

Make table runners out of chains of light

table runner-christmas-bright-1

Scroll down to get creative ideas

table runner-christmas-1

table runner-christmas-diy

table runner-christmas-manual

table runner-christmas-diy idea

table runner-christmas-diy ideas table runner-christmas-ideas table runner-christmas-in-red

table runner-christmas
table runner-christmas-with-sternen

table runner-christmas-with-uberschrift table runner-christmas-related table runner-christmas-natural material table runner-christmas-patchworke table runner-christmas-patchwork ideas
table runner-christmas-patchwork vintage table runner-christmas-patchwork-of-two materials table runner-christmas-pompom table runner-christmas-red table runner-christmas-creates Warm-ambiente table runner-christmas-yourself-sewing table runner-christmas-yourself-related table runner-christmas-homemade table runner-christmas-self-sewn table runner-christmas-knit table runner-christmas-of-three-kinds-materials table runner-christmas-christmas blackboard table leifer-christmas-patchwork

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