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Stitching concepts – nice ideas for inventive folks

Sewing ideas

Anyone can sew! One should only dare. There are many sewing ideas for designing interesting things made of different materials. It is important not to be afraid to start sewing. Grab a sewing machine, some fabric scraps and just let go.

Sewing – easier than you think

baby bibs

Baby bib with button for the pacifier. Nice sewing ideas for creative moms. You only need a few leftovers and a little imagination.

Make a cozy home for your pet

Sewing ideas for pet basket

Pet basket is easy to make if you have beautiful colorful fabrics and some padding to make it soft and cuddly from the inside.

Spice up the old shirt with lace and fabric scraps

Spice up your old shirt

A simple shirt can be a real hassle if you transform it with imagination. Just use lace, knit or fabric pieces and make a beautiful new shirt in shabby chick style.

Sewing ideas for drooling bibs

Bib or hat to sew yourself

Scarf in fresh colors

Self-sewn throw pillows make the home more comfortable

Throw pillows to sew yourself

Sun.  Summer.  sunflowers

Lustuger holder for the children's bottle

Sewing-cool slippers for kids and adults

Sewing ideas - funny kids aprons for happy kids

Baby blanket sew yourself – nice gift for childbirth

Patschwork baby blanket in green and blue

What do you need for this?

  • two or any number of substances, chosen according to sex and taste
  • Synthetic material for the back, so it feels nice and soft
  • Pencil, pins, tailor’s chalk
  • and a sewing machine

And off to work. First of all, cut the pattern from papier-mache rightly. Then cut out squares of the different fabrics, which are then sewn together. How the squares pattern should look like is up to you. It is best to place the squares next to each other and arrange them according to your taste. So now the squares are stitched together. Then lay the fabric on the back of the mosaic and sew it together with the sewing machine. The Patschwork baby blanket is ready.

Patschwork blanket for children-catcher Hinqucker

Seat cushions for inside and outside

Seat cushion for sewn, suitable for balcony, garden and home

Softbook – a great baby gift

Softbook - a great baby gift

Convert old stool into a colorful Hinqucker

Turn old stool into a colorful hunk

Keep sewing items - cute and creative

Creative staircase

Creative self-sewn stair case that can not tip over

Sweet owls to love

funny owl pillow creative deco idea for all-rounders

great pyramid birds to sew yourself

Great self-sewn hood for sewing machine

Bags Sewing ideas – imaginative and chic for a good mood

Food can bag sewn by hand

kreaitve cloth bags for modern women

Hip cuts and cool desingns

Nice cloth bags in different colors

Fresh idea for storage of sewing kit

Firewood can also be fun

Wood for fireplace can also be easier

Sewing a small purse is not impossible

No clutter anymore, here's a creative sewing idea

Sew kids backpack by yourself - funny ideas

Sew seat cushions yourself

Make the toiletry bag yourself - Sewing ideas

Convert old socks into beautiful deco

Chic bottle holder for the good wine

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