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Star Napkins Fold: DIY Directions

Imagine! Your guests come for dinner and the table is set breathtakingly. And all eyes are on the napkins! You can do that at home too, it’s not just possible in a restaurant. With our helpful DIY guide you will very easily fold star napkins and impress your guests! The star shape is perfect for the Christmas table but also fits perfectly on any occasion. There are different forms of star napkins, but if you create the example below, the other shapes will be a breeze for you! Have fun!

Folding star napkins: the guide in 13 easy steps

Star napkins fold DIY project

Before folding the star napkins, you need to pick the right one. We recommend monochrome or patterned napkins. The color plays a big role, but pay attention to the quality as well. To make your table decoration luxury, use quality, cloth napkin. Our tip: the two sides (outside and inside) of the napkin must be printed or dyed. Otherwise they get ugly, white edges when folding. For this star we used napkins in the size 40 × 40 centimeters.

Step 1:

Star napkins fold step 1

Step 2:

Star napkins fold step 2

Fold the corners so that they meet in the middle. In this way you make a new square. Repeat this twice, as shown in the next pictures. Flap the new square and fold the corners again, as in the first picture.

Step 3:

Star napkins fold step 3

Step 4:

Star napkins fold step 4

Step 5:

Star napkins fold step 5

Step 6:

Star napkins fold step 6

Step 7:

Star napkins fold step 7

Step 8:

Star napkins fold step 8

Step 9:

Star napkins fold step 9

Step 10:

Star napkins fold step 9

If you have taken all the steps up to here, the more difficult comes. But do not worry, everything is explained very easily in the photos. We let the pictures speak because they show the process better than the text.

Step 11:

Star napkins fold step 10

Step 12:

Star napkins fold step 11

Step 13:

Star napkins fold step 12

Step 14:

Star napkins fold step 13

Let yourself be inspired by our other excellent examples! If you want to plan your table decoration to the last detail, you can create the wow effect only with homemade napkins. Our creative ideas are a perfect match for any occasion, whether it’s a wedding or a Christmas party. Have fun folding!

Star napkins are folding for Christmas

Star napkins fold idea

star-wrinkle guide napkin

star-napkin wrinkle ideas


star-napkin wrinkle easily

star-napkin wrinkle idea

star-napkin wrinkle weinachten-art

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