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Spielparadies: 22 concepts for nursery carpet

The kids love to play on the floor! But where will they play in the winter? Of course on the nursery carpet! Warm, cuddly, beautiful, round or long, colorful or with your favorite heroes – the carpet brings comfort and sets interesting accents in the nursery. The nursery carpet can also be the most important part of playing, actually being the game itself. There are a number of play carpets – with dollhouse, city or football field. The carpet can actually have educational goals – figured with numbers, animals or letters. Get a variety of ideas from our creative examples and create your own play paradise for your children.

Where to go with the nursery carpet?

Nursery carpet in interesting shape

First, decide whether you want to put a large nursery rug around the room, or a smaller one that will make the play island for your kids. This choice depends on where the toys are and how your child likes to play. But there is something important to note. You do not need to place the children’s rug under the table or desk, as in other rooms, but in the middle of the room or in the play area. The carpet only serves as an accent to feel good.

What do you have to consider when choosing a nursery rug?

The colorful nursery carpet makes the room look brighter

The most necessary feature is: the carpet in the nursery has to provide warmth. Choose a rug with a sturdy structure. In order for your children to feel comfortable and comfortable, the carpet must be soft. You must also pay attention to the material. The stains should be easy to remove and sand should be sucked off. It’s best to choose a model with antibacterial surface. To create a cozy and homely ambience, design plays a very important role. In our picture gallery you will find creative ideas that will set color accents in the children’s room or stimulate the imagination of your children and serve as an interesting play area. Let yourself be inspired!

The kids love playing on street carpets with cars and characters

Nursery carpet is perfect for interesting games

Bring personal touch in kids room with a rug of combinable parts

Bring personal touch with a nursery carpet from different parts

Combine the nursery carpet with the whole decoration

The nursery carpet also has educational advantages

Playing is more interesting on the nursery carpet

Two nursery carpets on top of each other

Nursery carpet designed as a dollhouse

Nursery carpet for the whole room

Nursery carpet for girls are with flowers

Nursery carpet in football theme

Nursery carpet and the walls can be in contrasting colors

Nursery carpet in modern style

Children love to play on the nursery carpet

Combine the bed linen with the nursery carpet

Children's room carpet with numbers

Nursery carpet must be soft

Nursery carpet in a round shape

Nursery carpet in a round shape

Knitted nursery carpet you can do it yourself

Nursery carpet suitable for play

Nursery carpet designed for playing on a larger rug

With such nursery carpet you do not need toys

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