Spherical mattress as a contemporary accent within the bed room: 20 concepts
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Spherical mattress as a contemporary accent within the bed room: 20 concepts

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Do you want to put an original and trendy accent in your bedroom? Opt for a round bed! The bed is undoubtedly the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, which should guarantee your full-fledged rest every night. Not only do the models in a round shape impress with a modern and attractive look, they are no less comfortable than the traditional rectangular beds. Round beds are available for one or two people, and lying on it would make you feel like a real king / queen! In this post we present you 20 great variations that you might like. We hope you enjoy reading!

Round bed as a modern accent in the bedroom

lovely round bed in gray

round bed buy modern ideas

round bed upholstered in white comfortable

round bed classic look black and white

round bed practically with corner cupboard

round bed mattress rectangular modern look

round bed with LED lights modern

round bed in shell shape nursery

round bed gorgeous children's room

round bed comfortable model in white

A round bed in your bedroom would look really chic – take a look at the photos to see for yourself! The models are really diverse – there are modern variants with leather upholstery, romantic beds with wood carving, practical models with corner bed cabinets or bed crates etc. Therefore, the selection could be really difficult, but we hope that you will find among our suggestions the best idea for you. As already mentioned, round beds offer no less sleeping comfort compared to the conventional ones, and there are also variants with a round bed frame and rectangular mattress that look really interesting and unusual.

Select a round bed for your own bedroom – ideas and inspirations

round bed model practically bedding box

round bed bedroom modern splendid view

round bed in pink nursery

round bed upholstered accents in red

round bed in black bedroom minimalist

round bed simply modern

round bed bedroom modern partition

round bed maximum sleeping comfort

round bed two people gorgeous look

round bed rectangular mattress modern look

The model of the bed should of course be matched with the bedroom furniture. The round bed is also a great variation for the youth or children’s room – in our gallery you would also find such ideas. The most up-to-date are the elegant designer models, in which the mattress sinks slightly into the bed frame – as a result, the bed looks quite attractive. We hope that you will be inspired by our articles to enhance your own bedroom with a round bed. Thank you for reading!

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