Solar and seaside: the 50 most lovely seaside hairstyles and summer time make-up!
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Solar and seaside: the 50 most lovely seaside hairstyles and summer time make-up!

Sun and beach hairstyles and beach make-up

How is the holiday perfect for a woman? No, this is not about hotel recommendations and holiday tips! A woman feels good while on vacation when she looks good. Enjoying the holiday tanned with the right hairstyle and fascinating natural make-up is the dream of every woman! We can not influence the tan, but with our ideas for beach hairstyles and helpful make-up tips, you can absorb the sun and beach with great enthusiasm!

Sun and beach: make-up tips and beauty tips for the hair

Sun and beach beach hairstyles ideas

When the weather is warm and the sun and beach are on, everything looks nice! On the beach you should conjure up a natural look, as well as the hair, as well as the eyes should be unvarnished and unestablished. The motto for the perfect summer look is “Less is more!” Do not forget the UV protection! Always buy hair care and make-up with UV protection to keep you looking beautiful, healthy and fresh. Another very important tip – waterproof make-up! The eye area should be fat-free in any case. And now for the hair! What comes to your mind when listening to beach hairstyles? Of course, beach waves! Here comes to help a saltwater spray! With him perfect “beach waves” succeed! If you need inspiration for other beach hairstyles, we have the best ideas and guides for you!

Sun and beach in your hair – What are the best beach hairstyles?

Beach hairstyles tips

Long hair has been through a couple of summer holidays, it is older and naturally strained. On the beach it can be very uncomfortable. Whether you go out in front of the beach very fast and at the same time stylish or put on wet hair casually or braiding, we have ideas and instructions for you, how to conjure breathtaking beach hairstyles! Practical looks are: the comfortable ponytail, bun with headscar h or hat. Not only the shawls are special eyecatchers, but also Flowers in the hair and other colorful hair accessories.

Make beach hairstyles yourself – instructions for copying

Make beach waves yourself

Nice on the beach: the best make-up for the summer

Sun and beach summer make-up

As with any make-up instructions, we start with the complexion! Use a light foundation that you apply generously with a brush. In the drugstore ask for special summer fundings. Ideally you choose a product with a UV protection, so you protect yourself incidentally effectively too much sun. When choosing the primer, pay attention to a low water content. Make-up with a high water content is not sweat and water resistant and starts to run dry quickly. After applying the cream, give your cheeks a touch of rouge. It is important that you choose a very light tone that is natural and fits your complexion. If you opt for a dark rouge, look too painted and make-up. Apply the rouge with a large brush and watch out for flowing transitions! When making up your eyes and lips you should also act with reserve. For your lips, a gloss or balm in a subtle hue that gives your lips a soft glow is quite sufficient. But also choose here a product that also has a UV protection. If you want to create an extravagant look that is all eyes on you . also use eye shadow. However, if the goal is a natural look, you should also apply eye shadows only discreetly, otherwise the natural touch is quickly lost. To put your eyes discreetly in the limelight, an eyeshadow in a light shade of brown is well suited. A guide with colorful eyeshadows, you can find on the following picture:

Extravaganza on the beach: summer make-up instructions:

Beach make-up instructions

Need Inspiraiton for your summer make-up? Get ideas from our picture gallery!

Beach and sun make-up tips

Scroll down to find inspiring beach hairstyle and step-by-step directions

Beach and sun make-up ideas

Beach and sun beach make-up

Beach and sun make up ideas

Sun and beach ideas

Make braided hairstyles yourself

Summer make-up tips

Braided hairstyles beach hairstyles

Summer make-up beach make-up

Sun and beach looks hairstyles and make-up

Beach make-up summer make-up tips

Beach hairstyles make yourself

Braided hairstyles medium-length hair

Braids for short hair

Braids make themselves instructions

Braided hairstyles medium-length hair

Sun and beach make-up

Beach hairstyles for the summer

Beach hairstyles for the summer

Make beach waves yourself

Make beach waves yourself

Beach waves themselves do instructions

Beach hairstyles with lichens

Beach hairstyles with lichens

Beach hairstyles with lichens

Beach hairstyles ideas

Beach hairstyles with pony or with lichen

Color, sun and beach in the hair

Beach hairstyles - flowers in the hair

Trend hairstyles for the beach

Ideas for beach hairstyles and make-up tips for the beach

Beach hairstyles braided hairstyles

Hairstyles with headscarf

Beach hairstyles instructions

Beach hairstyles Dutt

Sun and beach in the hair - beach ideas

Beach hairstyles Instructions with lichens

Beach Hair Instruction

Sun and beach in your hair - hairstyles ideas for the summer

Sun and beach in your hair - hairstyles ideas for the summer

Sun and beach: beach hairstyles and make-up tips for the summer

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