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Small Tattoos – 25 ideas for interesting designs and great designs

small tattoos motifs font let it be wrist

Small tattoos are discreet and very elegant, which is why they enjoy a lot of popularity today – especially among girls and women. If you’re just looking for ideas for a new tattoo, read this article and look at the photos – our suggestions for little tattoos will surely inspire you!

Small tattoos are now very much in vogue

small tattoos motifs heart unfinished lines

small tattoos motifs world map wrist woman

small tattoos motifs elephant wrist

small tattoos motifs horseshoe foot

small tattoo motifs owl ankle

small tattoos motifs star chart on the arm

small tattoos motives woman bike chest

small tattoos motives loop woman middle finger

small tattoos motifs moth on the neck woman

small tattoos motives Pusterblume am Schuter

There are several reasons to get a little tattoo done – the little tattoos look nice and tender, the costs are lower, the pain also, there is almost no risk of infection for the skin, sometimes the social role does not allow any big tattoos striking motifs. Usually, small tattoos are particularly popular with women, but there are also many suitable motifs for men. The smaller tattoos are also a very good option for beginners who have no experience with tattoo art so far. In any case, you should choose the motifs attentively, the tattoos are a certain kind of non-verbal communication and have specific meanings. The photos in this post might give you some creative ideas for great tattoo designs.

Small tattoos – helpful tips when choosing motives

small tattoos motives lotus flower ankle

small tattoos motifs cross wrist

small tattoo motives compass forearm

small tattoos motifs cat silhouette ankle

little tattoos motives cat muzzle purring

little tattoos motives black cat behind the ear

small tattoos motives sun wrist

small tattoos motifs infinity sign love and life

small tattoos motives anchor and rope forearm

As mentioned above, small tattoos are elegant and unobtrusive. They are suitable for various parts of the body – the tattoos on the hand and foot joints, behind the ear, on the neck, back or shoulder are very delicate and beautiful. Choose a design that best expresses your personality and, of course, matches your age and gender. Today, the so-called personalized tattoos that you can design alone are also popular. It’s easy – you draw the motif on a piece of paper and give it to the tattoo artist. Depending on your personal wishes, you can combine two, three or more motifs with different meanings – just let your imagination run wild! We hope the ideas in this article helped you!

small tattoos motifs waves woman naks

small tattoos motifs infinity sign and heart forearm

small tattoo motifs feather and arrow forearm

small tattoos motifs hummingbird forearm

small tattoos motifs forearm Eiffeltower and Empire state building

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