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Small lounge arrange – 70 contemporary concepts!

small living room set up ideas furniture pink colors

You spend so much time there every day. Whether to talk to the whole family or just to relax, the path always leads there. Yes, exactly, it’s about the living room: the most important place in your home. Switch off on the sofa, have fun with friends over a glass of good wine or just lie on the soft beanbag with a book in your hand? Paradise! Do not you mean it? Perfect design of the living area is therefore a must. But you still do not know how to set up your living room? You need inspiration to create a cozy atmosphere at home? Then you are right here. Often comes the question: “Which is the best solution for me, if my apartment is small?”. Do not worry! With the right tricks you could give the small living area a completely new look. We suggest some fresh ideas for living that could be of great use to you. Take a look at our suggestions to make your little living room bigger! It is worth it!

Living room setup made easy!

living room design ideas white furniture

When it comes to the living room and especially the small living room, you should definitely think of the perfect facility. In order for the small living space to become the ideal oasis of well-being and the place of cosiness, home accessories and furniture play a particularly dominant role in the design. They provide for your best comfort, but also lend charm and livability. The living room design is not limited only to comfortable furniture and matching home accessories. Questions about the right window and wall design, floor coverings and colors are also urgently to answer.

Living room: A space that invites you to relax!

living room design ideas pink sofa glass table

Who says small living room can not be designed with style and finesse? Yes, it could turn into a real eye-catcher, with the help of some easy tricks. Small living room could present your lifestyle in an effective way and radiate coziness. What you should consider when setting up a small living room, read here!

Here is the basic rule: “Less is more”! Overloading a small living room with furniture is by no means allowed, especially if you want to create a chic atmosphere. Could a small living space get bigger? Probably someone would say, “That’s impossible!” But. For more space, the small living room should be equipped with custom-fit furniture. The right interior design style will help you. It is recommended that minimalism, purism and clear design dominate. Minimalist living room set up? Why not? It gets a timeless and cool look that is unobtrusive and defined in clean lines. Due to the little furniture and the decoration used, it seems bigger. Have you already convinced yourself why the minimalist interior design style is so popular, especially in the living room?

Small living room, great effect!

living room furnishing ideas colorful colors deco ideas

Do not underestimate the selection of matching living room furniture! Give your small living space liveliness and beauty through pieces of furniture that combine design and flexibility. Functional design is very much in vogue. Multifunctional furniture not only gives you more space, but also lower costs. An armchair, for example, could be comfortable, but could also be used as a desk chair. Flexible furniture is the perfect solution for furnishing small living spaces as they can be easily placed as needed. Sofas, armchairs and shelves do not necessarily have to be wall-mounted. Modern sofa landscapes are flexible and form a central focus when placed in the room. Depending on your mood, individual elements can also be easily moved. Centerpiece of sofa, armchair, carpet and coffee table is particularly inviting and makes the small living room a place to relax. Comfortable hanging chair or swing in the small living area transform into a real eye-catcher.

Showcase flexible furniture!

living room set up fllexible furniture

Setting up a living room also means not only thinking about decorative accessories and pieces of furniture, but also designing walls, windows and floors. Bring positive mood into the small living room by choosing the right color shades for the wall and window design. Colors ensure a good mood. Do without boring and black shades! White colors mean pure aesthetics and stylish interior design. If you want to create more liveliness and a happy atmosphere, paint the walls in colorful and warm shades or combinations; or make the windows with matching curtains.

One color: different nuances!

living room decorate home decor stool sofa gray bright colors

Discreet and bright living walls are perfect for small living areas. White walls make the room look much bigger. To enlarge the small living room also carries the glass. A bright effective wall unit with small glass elements would be great idea. Glass table? That’s what we mean too! Numerous color combinations are available. Colors should harmonize with the ambience. A carpet in purple or curtains in red? Pink sofa or blue stool? You decide! Play with colors! The smaller the piece of furniture, the stronger the color can be chosen.

A touch of extravagance in the small living room!

living room decorating ideas bright colors wall stool sofa

If you want to set up your small living room, do not forget the decoration and home accessories. Beautiful decoration completes the overall picture and promises great impact. Flowers, vases, pillows, blankets, picture frames as well as posters and lamps beautify the living room. Rather, it’s about consciously choosing the decoration and accessories. Small deco lights or light spots on the shelf put books and accessories in the right light and make a special impression. Lighting therefore plays a significant role here.

Discover even more inspirational home ideas for the perfect decor of your small living room in the gallery below!

Small living room can be wonderful and enchanting!

Living room set up ideas colors furniture

Bright colors living room design ideas

living room set up ideas flexible furniture sofa

small living room decorate furnishing ideas

living room ideas ideas side table blue armchair

living room decorating colors ideas

minimalism small living room set up ideas

small living room set up ideas living room

living room decorate home decor colors lighting

furnishing ideas living room stool sofa white

beautiful living room ideas living room set up

living room furnishing ideas colors

furnishing ideas living room fashion furniture carpet wall table made of wood

living room decorating ideas white furniture

living room design ideas carpet

living room set up cozy ideas

living room ideas glass

Living room ideas

living room ideas wooden chair table

living room set up ideas white

living room set up ideas sofa white

living room decorating ideas colors

living room furnishing ideas feel good

living room decorate sofa in purple

living room set up deco pillow sofa

living room decorating ideas decor pillow

furnishing ideas living room ideas lighting

Living room set up flowers decoration sofa

living room decorate furnishing ideas deco pillow sofa table

living room ideas ideas table wooden sofa blue armchair

living room decorating ideas bright colors corner sofa beige

living room ideas ideas table wooden sofa sofa pillow lamp

living room decorate home decor colors furniture

furnishing ideas living room design flexible furniture sofa pink

living room ideas ideas stool carpet sofa furniture

interior design living room sofa table glass carpet mirror

living room decorating ideas modern luxury carpet shelf lighting

Living room set up ideas lighting

fresh home decor living room design colors table sofa chair lamps

furnishing ideas living room design furniture sofa stool decor pillow

living room decorating ideas chair table carpet bright colors

minimalism living room set up ideas sofa table

living room design ideas glass table

living room furniture armchair in yellow shelf

living room decorating living room carpet stool sofa wall

living room getsalten interior design carpet sofa white

living room furnishing ideas white furniture table curtains wall

living room decorating design table made of wood wall design sofa decor pillow

living room set up ideas dark colors

living room ideas ideas stool white

living room decorate home decor colors furniture

living room decorating ideas wall sofa table

living room decorating ideas colorful colors furniture

living room set up beautiful furnishing ideas armchair furniture

living room design ideas living room

living room ideas ideas wall design sofa chair table glass

Living room furnishing ideas furniture in white

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