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Sleep like on clouds – which is the best mattress for me?

Buying tips

Many people can not sleep well at night and do not feel rested the next morning. Not always the problem is called sleep disorders. Often it is simply because the bed is not optimal. The search for the right bed is often more difficult than you think. What you should consider when buying a bed, you can read here.

Size matters – find the right dimensions

Buying Tips - Size matters

The decisive factor in the choice of bed size is the question of how many people will sleep in it later. If you have a partner, you probably will not choose a single bed, because few things hinder a restful sleep as much as lack of space on the mattress. If you are not sure which size is right for you, here is an overview of the different widths and lengths:

Single bed (width: 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, length: 200cm)
  • is suitable for one person
  • save space
Comfort single bed (width: 120cm, 140cm, length: 200cm)
  • a lot of space for one person
  • transitional suitable for two
  • for permanent use in twos, however, 160cm width is recommended
  • continuous slatted frame, thus springing strong
Double bed (width: 160cm, 180cm, 200cm, length: 200cm)
  • perfect for two people
  • by two separate slatted frames the partner is not disturbed by movement
  • continuous or two single mattresses possible
Excess length (length 210cm, 220cm)
  • is recommended from 180cm height
  • more space even with a large pillow or very restless sleep
Lower length (length: 190cm)
  • for little people
  • save space in small bedrooms

Basically, the bigger the mattress, the higher the sleeping comfort. If you belong to the people who move a lot at night, you should definitely make sure that you make the sleeping area generous. Otherwise, it will be tense and uncomfortable for you and, where appropriate, your partner.

When you have found the right size for yourself, you should also think twice how the mattress should be , Whether it’s hard or soft – everyone has different preferences here.

The eye is asleep

Buying beds Tips to choose - the eye falls asleep

Although the quality of the sleep depends primarily on the size and condition of the bed and mattress, it is the look that creates the perfect finish for a successful bedroom. A wide selection of different designs can be found in well-stocked furniture stores or online stores such as , The range of models is large, for example:

The four-poster bed

Four-poster bed - tips for buying a bed

If you are a romantic, then this is the bed of your choice. When sleeping, you feel that the sky is floating above you, that is possible with this bed. However, it is not always necessary to have the panels or canopies; in the meantime, this model can often only be found with the frame. To round off the romantic atmosphere, you can provide the bed with plenty of pillows and a pretty bedspread.

The futon bed

Futon - bed

This “ground-level” model enjoys great popularity, especially among purists. In order to make the bedroom look like a dorm, it is recommended that you reach for a substructure. A slatted frame directly on the floor protects the mattress, while at the same time absorbing and insulating it against cold and moisture. It also guarantees air circulation, which is important to prevent mold. So you are still just above the ground, but protect your back and the mattress.

The wooden bed

Bed purchase - wooden bed

For nature lovers, this model is particularly suitable. If you believe feng-shui, this is an excellent material for beds, because wood radiates peace and warmth and hinders, in contrast to metal, no energy channels. Do not forget to impregnate untreated wood well and keep in mind that wood “lives” and warps slightly, causing it to creak after a few years.

The storage bed

Staurambett - more storage in the bedroom

For small rooms or for organizers, this is the model of choice. In the drawers under the bed you can quickly and easily stow things that would otherwise be in the way. In addition, these beds are often raised by the drawers, which makes it easier to get up in the morning.

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