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Sidecut Males – Trendy Concepts and Useful Styling Ideas

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Every modern man today keeps on an elegant and neat look. This includes the trendy hairstyle, that’s why in this article we present you one of the most modern haircuts for 2017 – the Sidecut! Here you will find everything about Sidecut Men, as well as a few useful styling tips that could be of help if you decide to try this hairstyle yourself. Enjoy reading!

Sidecut Men: What’s the difference with the Undercut Hairstyle?
Sidecut men trendy hairstyles

Hairstyles with curls Sidecut man

Hairstyles Curls Sidecut Men

Short Hairstyles Undercut Men

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Hairstyle Trends 2017 Sidecut

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The sidecut is actually a special form of the common undecided hairstyle that you may know. In the classic undercut, the hair from the lower part of the head is shaved, while the top hair is left much longer. The sidecut is characterized by the fact that the hair is shaved briefly only on one side of the crown. The top coat should be long enough so that you can comb it on the other, not shaved side. The two hairstyles are from the 80’s, and are a real eye-catcher because they look really extravagant. First, they have prevailed on the metal and punk scene, but today they are everywhere, worn by both men and women. Although the side and undercut have actually become unisex hairstyles, the variants for men have a strong masculine look – take a look at the photos to see for yourself! It can be said that the sidecut looks a bit fancier – because of its unusual, asymmetrical shape. Continue reading to learn more about the sidecut hairstyle for men! We will give you answers to the questions of who can wear this type of haircut and what styling options it offers.

Sidecut Men: Who Can Wear This Haircut?

Hairstyles long sidecut men

Rockabilly hairstyles men sidecut

Hair hairstyles men sidecut

Step cut long hair sidecut hairstyle with long pony man

Haircut 2017 modern sidecut

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Short Hairstyles Undercut Sidecut Men

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Sidecut Men's Elegant Look

The sidecut is suitable for various face shapes, and is a great choice for men of all ages. The most important thing you need for this haircut is above all courage and self-confidence. Because this extravagant hairstyle will definitely catch everyone’s attention, and you should be prepared for that attention. Of great importance is the good barber, because the sidecut should be tailored to your individual head shape. If things go wrong, you will need to wear the hairstyle for a period of time before your hair grows again. The sidecut will simply stand you perfectly if you have thick and voluminous hair. The hairstyle can be super fast and easy to lend extra volume with hair dryer and mousse, so could also decide the men with thin hair for it. The sidecut is better for dark hair because it does not give too much visibility to the scalp, even if your hair is shaved very short. And last but not least, this hairstyle should match your style of clothing – the combination of sidecut and modern, elegant clothing can look pretty cool!

Sidecut Men: Styling Tips

Hairstyles with pony men sidecut

medium length hairstyles sidecut men

Men's Hairstyles 2017 Sidecut

Men's Sidecut Men's Trendy Hairstyles

Sidecut men extravagant look

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Sidecut men modern look

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The sidecut hairstyle is actually very variable and offers numerous styling possibilities. You could also put your hair over the shaved side, or you can style it upwards and slightly back to give the hairstyle additional volume. The sidecut looks especially extreme if you have your head shaved on one side to the top of the coat, and still have very long hair on the other. A not so unusual variant is, with a normal hair length of 7-8 cm, only the hair to shave just over the ear. You can also let a pony – depending on your personal preferences. For even more extravagance, you could also put a tattoo in the shaved area or have a pattern shaved. Another option is to dye your hair – for example, the combination of blonde hair and a dark hairline would look really interesting. The photos in this post could give you even more creative ideas that can be used as a source of inspiration. We hope that we have inspired you to make a sidecut as well!

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