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Sew Eggmaker: Four Free DIY Directions

Egg warmer sew instructions

Sunday breakfast with friends, brunch with family or Easter celebration – you always want to fascinate your guests with breathtaking decoration. Then we have the best idea for you – sew egg warmers! Do not worry, it’s easy, and in 5 minutes you’ll have home-made table decoration that matches your tableware and tablecloth. And that’s not all! The egg warmers keep the just cooked egg warm until you drink your coffee and take your bread roll. Just follow our free instructions! Sewing can also be fun 🙂

Sew egg warmer: simple instructions in 10 steps

Egg warmer sew instructions

Step 1:

Sew egg warmer Step 1

Step 2:

Sew egg warmer step 2

Step 3:

Sew egg warmer step 3

Step 4:

Sew Egg Warmer Step 4

Step 5:

Sew egg warmer step 5

Step 6:

Sew egg warmer step 6

Step 7:

Sew egg warmers Step 7

Step 8:

Sew egg warmer step 8

All you need is fabric in two contrasting colors to your taste, a pair of scissors, an iron and a sewing machine. You have everything at home. Draw a rectangle of 9 x 7 cm on paper or cardboard. Also draw letters from your family members or those that make up a desired word, such as “friends”. Then cut as many rectangles as you want from the lighter fabric. The letters cut out of the fabric in contrasting color. You can also sew hanger according to your choice, as shown in the picture. Then comes the iron. Only then can we start sewing. Place 2 pieces of fabric right to right and sew them together. Leave the bottom open. Then left. Quilt the fabric pieces left to left on each other, leave open at the bottom. Then sew the letters. We recommend that you sew this edge to the inside with your hand. Finished!

Creative idea for Easter: sewing rabbit egg warmer

Egg warmer sew bunny

The process is the same as the one shown above. Simply draw the shape of a rabbit, ears and a circle where you can draw eyes with marker pens. You already know sewing. You can not use a sewing machine, you are already professional, near? Take a look at our other suggestions and let your imagination run wild! With this guide you can sew different shapes. Have fun!


Egg Warmer Sew Bunny Step 1

Egg warmer sew bunny step 2

Egg warmer sew bunny step 3

Instructions: Funny Eierwaermer in the form of a suckling pig nese



eierwaermer-near-pig-Step 4

eierwaermer near-Pig Step-1

eierwaermer near-Pig Step-2

Cozy idea for the winter days: knitted egg warmer with PomPoms:




Be inspired by our other creative ideas





eierwaermer-near-Huehn Idea


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