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Self-supporting stairs – 40 fashionable design concepts

The staircase is often in the entrance area and sometimes it is the first thing that impresses guests when they enter their apartment. This also determines the important role of the staircase in the field of modern interior design – it is considered not only as a functional element, but also as a stylish accent in the interior. The so-called self-supporting staircases seem particularly beautiful and elegant, creating the impression that they are floating in the room. A self-supporting staircase can give any room a spectacular atmosphere, and in this article you will find convincing examples.

Self-supporting stairs as a modern accent in the interior

self-supporting stairs

self-supporting staircase with integrated lighting

free-hanging staircase oak wood

self-supporting concrete stairs

free-hanging wooden staircase bedroom

original bedroom design cantilevered stairs

extravagant free-hanging staircase wood

fancy self-supporting stairs

free-hanging staircase oak wood

Wooden staircase cantilevered construction

Having a self-supporting staircase in-house is today a wish of many people, because it is very trendy. There are two types of self-supporting stairs – bolt stairs and cantilever stairs. In the bolt staircase, the individual steps are bolted together and can be anywhere, even in the middle of the room, while the cantilever staircase must be mounted on a wall. In the cantilever steps, the individual steps are fixed using hidden elements and it seems that they float freely in the air – that is why they are still called ‘floating stairs’. On the market today models are also found, which combine the specific characteristics of the two types. Therefore, you should always inquire in advance about the concrete fixture if you choose a self-supporting staircase.

Different designs and materials

free-hanging staircase granite

free-hanging concrete stairs

fragrant wooden staircase

self-supporting staircase with integrated lighting

free-hanging staircase with indirect LED lighting

free-hanging staircase with original lighting

modern self-supporting staircase wood

creative design ideas free-hanging stairs

Living room design free-hanging stairs

white stair cantilevered construction

The material from which the self-supporting staircase is made is in most cases a matter of taste, but you should definitely consider the interior design style of the room. The staircase can be made much more effective if it is made of the same material as the floor – for example parquet flooring and wooden stairs or marble flooring and marble steps. In this way you also create an original connection between the first and the second floor. If your house is a bit smaller, opt for a glass staircase – it will make any room look bigger and can be a real eye-catcher in the entrance area.

Elegance and stability

original cantilevered staircase bedroom

self-supporting granite staircase

modern self-supporting staircase wood

free-hanging staircase wood

modern self-supporting wooden stairs

Wooden staircase cantilevered construction

free-hanging staircase glass steps

Wooden staircase cantilevered construction

Cantilever stair glass

Cantilevered granite

It is a great mistake to think that self-supporting structures are less stable than conventional stairs – professional assembly guarantees that all safety conditions are met. In the popular belief, self-supporting stairs are just as safe and durable as all other staircases – even glass staircases that have a special top coating that protects them from superficial scratches. If you have such a glass staircase at home, you can illuminate the steps at night from the inside so that they sparkle differently from every angle. The indirect LED lighting is simply perfect for this purpose.

Other advantages of cantilevered stairs

original bolt staircase wooden steps

free-hanging staircase creative design ideas

free-hanging staircase wooden steps

free-hanging staircase with white handrail

Bolts staircase glass steps

Another interesting advantage of cantilevered stairs is the special footfall sound. Compared to conventional stair structures, the self-supporting models have a special rubber mounting of the individual steps in the wall. This is also due to the increased impact sound and elasticity. This makes free-climbing stairs also very gentle on the joints and the spine, as well as ideal for buildings that are subject to certain sound insulation regulations.

Set spectacular accents in the interior

Cantilevered wood stairs

floating staircase glass steps

free-hanging wooden stairs

self-supporting staircase glass

free-hanging glass staircase

Whether acrylic, wood, glass, steel or concrete – self-supporting stairs always look modern and elegant, and can give any room an individual character. The classic version made of wood can be breathtaking, if the holders of the individual steps remain invisible and the type of wood harmonizes with that of the floor. With special elements and details, such as specially machined or colored edges, round or rectangular handrail or even leather sheath, you can set spectacular accents in the interior. A self-supporting staircase made of exposed concrete can also be a good decision if the furnishing style of the room is simpler. However, it should still be considered in the planning process and its assembly is also complicated, as this type of stairs needs certain additional components and mounting methods. If you are unsure about what to choose for a self-supporting staircase, it is best to seek advice from an interior designer.

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